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NXT Discussion Post: 07/11/18

This evening’s episode of NXT will feature a one on one bout between Kairi Sane and Vanessa Borne. Two weeks ago, Borne mocked Sane for dressing like a pirate and then threatened to beat Sane so badly that Sane wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. Sane responded to Borne’s threats last week by telling the press she would beat Borne and make her “walk the plank.” Tonight, Borne and Sane’s verbal back and fourth will come to a head in the middle of the ring.’s official preview for tonight’s contest is listed below:

“After Vanessa Borne called out Kairi Sane two weeks ago, Sane came right back at Borne, telling reporters that Vanessa should focus less on talking and more on fighting. She’ll get her chance next week, as the two NXT standouts will square off. With both Superstars looking to build a claim to an NXT Women’s Title opportunity, a win in this bout will be crucial. Who will prevail? Find out next Wednesday.”

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