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NXT Discussion Post: 12.21.21

A rivalry that has spanned over several months will come to a head as Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez are set to do battle in a Street Fight.

The two former teammates have been in a bitter rivalry ever since Kai turned on Gonzalez and challenged her for the NXT Women’s Title. Gonzalez would retain at the time but it would be Kai who would cost Gonzalez the championship in the end.

Returning from a brief time off at Halloween Havoc, Kai returned with a shovel in hand and delivered a blow to the back of Gonzalez. This caused her to lose the championship to Mandy Rose.

Who will take the win between these two in this Street Fight?

At the time of this writing, this is the only women’s action scheduled. However, Cora Jade has been red hot as of late coming off of her winning WarGames for her team and has the championship in her sights as a result. Last week, she battled Kai and ended up with the victory.

After Kai’s loss, she and Gonzalez took their brawl that ensued post-match to the parking lot, Rose who was on commentary attacked Jade from behind after a distraction by the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Toxic Attraction. Rose focused on the already hurt arm of Jade.

A match between Io Shirai and Legado Del Fantasma’s Elektra Lopez could be looming. The two ran into each other at Zoey Stark’s rehab appointment in a Digital Exclusive that was aired on social media just a few hours ago. Lopez confirmed with Shirai that she isn’t afraid of her before making her exit.

As always, feel free to discuss tonight’s show in the comment section below.

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