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NXT Lay-Kav-Ool Watch (August 17th, 2010): Rule One of NXT: Never Mess With Laycool’s Rookie.

Tonight’s episode of NXT was nothing short of epic. We were treated to two dramatic eliminations, Laykavool cuteness that was almost unbearable, another amazing match featuring Kaval and Husky Harris, and a down right brilliant promo delivered to us by Cody Rhodes. So much went on tonight that I’m not sure where I should even begin. One thing is for certain, the double elimination proved to be the catalyst of the best episode of NXT this season.

Jamie Keyes, who looked stunning like always, kicked the show off this week by bringing out the NXT rookies. Husky Harris, Kaval, Joe Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and Percy Watson all took their turn walking out to the ring. Once everyone had made their entrance, Matt Striker (looking yummy in nice man jeans, navy button down, and nude colored vest) took over. Striker reminded everyone that tonight was a double elimination and in two weeks, NXT would crown the winner of season two. Striker said that tonight the pressure was on and that the WWE was going to give the rookies one minute to speak their mind about any topic they wanted… except for why they should NOT be eliminated. “Showtime” stepped up to the plate first and his topic was 3 D.

Percy opened up with a joke that had the potential to be funny, but because it came from it was a big fail. He said the 3 D’s are how he lives his life: desire, determination, and dedication. Desire because you have to know what you want, and dedication because you have to be dedicated to your craft. He said that he has the determination to succeed and win this season of NXT. He basically failed on that account, but more on that later!

Going second tonight was Alex and he delighted the crowd by revealing that this topic is none other than Alex Riley! They greeted him with a nice chorus of jeers. Alex said his behavior this season probably had a lot to do with why the crowd didn’t care for him and why he was currently ranked fifth out of all the rookies. Alex smugly turned towards Kaval and implied that he probably shouldn’t have picked on him because he was so little and could barely defend himself. Alex continued on by saying he probably shouldn’t have thrown a rabbit’s foot at a guy named Lucky Cannon because it was disrespectful. He turned to the camera and gave Lucky a shout-out and told him not to worry about the whole no job thing. The world needs plenty of bartenders. Ouch. Alex addressed Striker next and told him he probably shouldn’t have called him (Striker) a nerd on national television. Then Alex laughed and said he didn’t regret that at all because it was hilarious. Alex backed off and said that if he didn’t do these things then he wouldn’t be…

The timer went off.

Alex finished it up by quickly saying Alex Riley. Michael went next. He decided he wanted to speak about his competition. He ripped on Percy’s face by asking him if he was smiling or if he was scared. Percy said he was smiling. Michael said he was scared. He moved on to Kaval. He went off on Kaval’s voice and catchphrase, then called him a chihuahua and said that it was never pretty when a chihuahua got into a fight. Michael went to Husky and basically apologized to him because he was going to win and Husky wasn’t. Michael back tracked and went to Alex. Alex basically got slapped with the worst insult of all. He was called the David Otunga of season two because he could talk a lot, but couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. Michael finally put the focus on himself and said that all of us were looking at the winner of this competition and not only was he the rightful winner, he was a future World Heavyweight Champion.

Kaval went next and said that tonight he was going to have some fun. His topic was NXT and he started busting out a freestyle rap. He said behind every great man is a great great woman. Problem for everyone else, he has two of ’em. He runs down his fellow competitors. He said Alex whines, called Michael by his given name Joe, and said Husky is the best at breaking buffet tables. Kaval wrapped up his freestyle by saying he was the only reason for Total Non-Stop Action. Striker reacted like Kaval had just pwned the world, while the pros on stage exchanged some shocked glances between themselves. Pretty sure Kofi Kingston even said something to Zach Ryder along the lines of “did that just happen?” Josh Mathews and Michael Cole were pretty pissed off and questioned why Kaval would even go there. Cole even said that Kaval would probably get sent packing. What a hot mess.

Husky had the unfortunate pleasure of following up Kaval’s freestyle with the subject of cowboy boots. He said if you grew up in the South and didn’t own a pair of cowboy boots, then you just weren’t tough. Husky pointed out his own boots and said that they belonged to Barry Windham. Husky said that when he puts them on, he magically morphs into the Army tank with the Ferrari engine. He said he doesn’t know if people realize this but the devil wears cowboy boots. He wrapped up things by basically eluding to the fact he was the devil because low and behold, he wears cowboy boots as well.

Striker got the microphone back and informed the rookies that the first elimination was going to take place right now. He made mention of the sparse pro panel tonight and said that the others were currently on their way for a tour of Asia, but that they had sent in their absentee ballots. So without further ado, the first elimination took place. After a dramatic few seconds, the first rookie to go home tonight was revealed. So who was the loser?


Excuse me, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jersey Short fist pump!

Right. Striker gave the microphone to Percy so he could give his farewell speech. Percy kicked things off by thanking the WWE Universe for their support and their votes. He went on to thank MVP for everything he did for him throughout the course of this season. Percy said he wasn’t angry and he wasn’t bitter, that he had worked so hard every day of his life for everything he had and that he was going to continue to do so. He said he was going to use the downtime to evaluate himself and grow as a person and performer, and just generally get better. He reassured all his fans that he would still have fun and he sent everyone off with one last “Oh Yeah!” The crowd gave him one last round of applause and NXT went to commercial break.

The show returned with Michael and Kofi making their way to the ring. Michael was in action against Zach Ryder. Is it just me or is Zach’s theme song the best ever? The match got underway with Ryder taking the early advantage after clubbing Michael in the back of the head. Michael got back into the match and after the two men battled back and forth, Michael got his pro opponent down with two beautiful running dropkicks. Ryder was sent over the top rope via a clothesline and both Michael and Kofi were pumped. Ryder was on his way back into the ring, when Michael went for a baseball slide. Ryder was able to sidestep it and level Michael with a vicious kick. Ryder started beating on Michael and screaming at him, then he helped him up into the ring. Michael was treated to a straight shot to the rib area and Ryder went for the pin. He got a two count. He went for another pin immediately following the last one and the result was much the same. Ryder complained to the referee and then tossed Michael into the corner. After laying into him for a few seconds, Ryder went for another cover but Mr. Perfect’s offspring just wouldn’t stay down. Michael began to fight back and eventually got Ryder off his feet. He even went for a huge splash in the corner that came off great. He continued his offense on Ryder until the Long Island superstar was able to catch Michael’s throat across the top rope. Ryder slid back into the ring and hit Michael with the Ruff Ryder. Three seconds later, the pro had his hand raised in victory and I got sing along with “Oh Radio” again. Happy times.

Summerslam was spoken about and highlights were shown. Cole and Mathews plugged Smackdown for this week and the scene went to a backstage segment. Michelle McCool and Layla were doing a cheer for Kaval. They were bouncing around and singing for him to get fired up. Once they finished their cheer, they asked Kaval if he was ready to win. They said they were winners and Kaval had to win as well tonight. All three put their hands together and they all screamed “win” before Kaval walked off. Once Kaval was out of earshot, Michelle turned to Layla and decided to have real talk time. She asked Layla if there was anything going on between her and Kaval. Layla shook her head no and asked Michelle why she would think that. Michelle brought up the kiss from two weeks ago and Layla said that the other girl was gross. Michelle agreed but she also pointed out that there was something between Layla and Kaval. Layla replied that she was just helping out and Michelle disagreed. She said Layla went for a little extra credit and practically mauled Kaval. She said that she was worried she was going to have to pull Layla off of him. Layla got this huge smile on her face and said that she was simply a passionate person and that the kiss meant nothing. Michelle wasn’t really buying it but she let it go. She asked Layla to reassure her that if something was going on between them that Layla would tell her. Layla said she would and then both girls started to talk about how cute Kaval is. Michelle said they could be cute together and Layla beamed, then closed her eyes and said she liked to listen to Kaval’s voice. Michelle did the same and Layla walked off. Michelle decided that Layla listening to Kaval’s voice with her eyes closed was really weird, but Layla was already gone.

Husky walked into the scene behind Michelle and stopped when he came face to face with her. He smirked and asked the co-Women’s Champ if she believed in love at first site or did he need to walk by again. He extended his hand to bodacious blonde Floridian and Michelle looked at it like it was diseased. She told him in a snobbish voice that he should walk by again and she left poor Husky standing there stinging having been turned down. Husky stared after her and said that it was alright. He claimed that after he beat Kaval tonight, Michelle would definitely see things his way. The show went commercial.

When the show returned, Cody Rhodes and Husky were making their way to the ring. Cody is another with a stupidly addicting theme song. Once they got inside, Laycool’s theme began to play and they made their way out with Kaval. The stunning trio paused on the stage to make their entrance as only they could. Layla looked like she was ready to marry Kaval right there on the spot and Michelle kissed his cheek before Kaval went down the ramp. Cole and his douchery started up on commentary, but that aside, Laykavool own the world. The girls pumped him up in the corner and positioned his ring jacket so it wouldn’t fall to the ground, then the bell rang. Husky took down Kaval right away and basically maintained his offense for a little bit. He manhandled Kaval and threw him around the ring, and just generally overpowered the smaller man. Layla and Michelle screamed at the top of their lungs for Husky to get off Kaval, but he sure didn’t listen. Laycool turned to the crowd for some support and they firmly got behind the so-called Internet favorite. Kaval finally mounted some offense and turned the tide on Husky.

He leveled him with absolute sick kick to the skull. Laycool encouraged their man to keep it up and he obeyed them. He showed off his impressive array of skills by grounding Husky with several stiff shots, then took the big man down by springing off the ropes. Kaval went for the cover and Husky barely got his shoulder up for the three. Kaval got to his feet and went to the outside apron of the ring. Once Husky was up, Kaval went for a high risk move. Husky was able to get out of the way, but Kaval landed on his feet. Husky was able to scoop the smaller man up and plant him into the mat. Husky went for the cover but Kaval managed to get out of it at the absolute last second. Husky seemed to be setting Kaval up for the running senton, but changed his mind and went to slam Kaval down once again. Kaval reversed it into a DDT and Husky ended up planted right there in the middle of the ring. Kaval rolled to the outside and climbed to the top rope. A few seconds later he was able to land right in the center of Husky’s chest and get his first singles victory of the season.

The fans and Laycool went insane and the girls ran into the ring to celebrate with their man. There were hugs all around and finally, Kaval helped the girls out of the ring. They celebrated their way up the ramp and the cutest moment ever came when Layla placed Kaval’s arm around her shoulders and beamed. They are so cute. Please WWE, don’t fire Kaval and keep this trio together forever. K, thanks. NXT went to commercial again.

When it returned, my man Alex Riley was in the ring and he was waiting for his opponent. Highlights of what went down on Raw between Alex, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Michael Tarver were shown. Alex seemed mighty proud of the impact he made on Raw the previous night and Cole reminded us once again that the Raw kids were on an overseas tour of Asia. Kofi eventually made his entrance and finally the match got started. Kofi took it to Alex in the early stages of the match but the rookie sensation finally turned things in his favor. He destroyed Kofi for a little bit while Cole and Mathews both orgasmed over his greatness. Alex proved he wasn’t perfect when he made the mistake of going to the top rope. His high risk failed and Kofi was able to take over and start schooling Alex all over the ring. The West African sensation really got the crowd hyped. Alex never really stood a chance and after staggering around for awhile, Kofi finally put him out of his misery by nailing him with Trouble in Paradise. Alex was pinned and Kofi got the victory in a rather fun match to watch.

The final segment of the show featured Summerslam Axxess highlights and the Raw Rebound featuring the Nexus. When all that crap was done, Cole and Mathews were in the ring with Striker. Striker asked them their opinion on who should be eliminated tonight and who should win the entire competition. Cole kissed Alex’s ass and picked him as the winner, which came as no surprise to anyone. He then cut a dick of a promo on Kaval. He downed the fact Kaval has fans on the Internet and he likened Kaval to Susan Boyle, but claimed she can sing better. Laycool booed the shit out of Cole, and rightfully so. I’d really like to have this guy euthanized and taken off television permanently. Mathews went next and in true wussy fashion, he backed up his broadcast partner’s statements. Gross.

The show returned with the remaining rookies standing at ringside. Striker talked for a few seconds and then we had to sit in suspense until the eliminated rookie’s picture flashed on the screen.

Husky Harris was given the boot and not only did Husky flip out, Cody flipped out as well. Husky snatched the microphone from Striker, but Cody was already up and man was he ever pissed. He turned to the panel and started to scream at them. He ran down their abilities as pros. He singled out Ryder and wished him good luck in his future endeavors, then he got up in Layla’s face and said that the only reason she was on NXT was so she could make out with everything that was on the show. Cody started strolling down to the ring and began to rip on the fans. He said we had no business having a say so in what happened with the rookies and the heat he drew was incredible. Husky met him halfway up the ramp while Cody was flipping out on Californians for being lazy and having no idea what it was like to be a real pro at something. Husky tried to shut his pro up by saying it was his time, but Cody wasn’t having it. They stopped in front of the other rookies and Cody told Husky that his time was coming and he was about to tell everyone why.

Husky backed off and let Cody do his thing. He went to Alex and challenged Alex to make an impact. He said that The Miz may be awesome, but Alex is nothing short of awful. Cody got in Michael’s face and accused him of wanting to be Mr. Perfect. Jr. so bad that he could taste it. He told Michael that the reason he doesn’t go by Mr. Perfect is because he doesn’t deserve it. And then Cody went to Kaval. Words seem to fail him at that moment so he began to beat the shit out of the number one ranked rookie. Husky got involved but thank God the two-on-one beatdown was short lived. MVP and Kofi got in the middle of things and began tearing up Husky while Cody and Kaval brawled amongst themselves. When Cody rammed Kaval almost head first into the guardrail, MVP and Kofi sprinted over to him and ran him off. Cody crawled in the ring and got away from his two Smackdown rivals, and Husky started destroying Kaval on the outside. Michael, Alex, Ryder, and Laycool were watching all this unfold like hyper soccer fans at the World Cup finals, and Kofi rescued Kaval from Husky.

Kofi and Husky went at it, with Husky having the upper hand until MVP jumped off the apron and got involved. The two pros took it to Husky and rammed him into the guardrail. Husky went down and MVP pointed to the top rope. Kaval was waiting to fly and at the right moment, he launched himself off and put Husky Harris out of his misery. The crowd ate it up and shamefully, so did I. Michelle and Layla came running to Kaval’s side and Mama Bear Michelle got right in the middle of things and started scolding Husky. She wasn’t gentle nor kind. Neither was Layla. Both women were furious and told Husky he absolutely got what he deserved. MVP and Kofi jumped in front of Laykavool as Husky got his feet and they warned him that the situation was done. Michelle was ready to go and she dared Husky to try his crap again. Kofi and MVP sent Husky on his way up the ramp, and Michael and Alex got in their parting verbal shots as well. Husky joined Cody on the stage and both of them started running their mouth. Alex and Michael started walking towards them, and it didn’t take long for MVP, Kofi, Ryder, and Kaval to follow behind them. Cody vowed to get Kaval if it was the last thing he did and the best episode of NXT ever came to a close.

Good God, what a show. I realize that I recapped the entire thing, but why not? The last time I was this pumped after a wrestling show is when Nexus invaded Raw and destroyed everything in site. Tonight’s show provided an amazing climax to all the drama season two has brought so far. The egos finally exploded. I don’t even know where to start.

Kaval’s freestyle has either sealed his fate with the company once NXT is over, or it has weirdly endeared him to management. I don’t think it’s going to be the latter, but I’m willing to wait and see where things go. He definitely shined tonight. Once again, he had a brilliant match with Husky. These two have fantastic chemistry and I’m wondering if the end of the show is a prelude to what we could see on Smackdown in the near future. I’m not going to speculate because I don’t know what’s going to happen with Kaval, but wow. He was surely a star tonight.

The highlight of the night was definitely the ending. Cody Rhodes was gold on the mic tonight and no one can deny it. He had everything you want to see in someone cutting a heel promo. He was full of anger, passion, aggression, and he let every single person in the arena have it. Cody emerged as a star tonight, in my eyes, and the brawl at the end is something that won’t be erased from my memory any time soon. Michelle screaming at Husky that he got what he deserved was fantastic on her part. Her emotion and protective instincts over Kaval seemed really genuine. Layla was equally as furious, but more subdued because it seemed like she was more concerned with Kaval’s well being than anything else. I loved how the pros jumped to Kaval’s defense. It was just amazing. Everyone stood out in this segment to me. Really, words can’t express how good the writing was tonight. From the backstage segment with Laykavool and Husky, to everything else. Just flawless.

I got my wish of seeing Percy eliminated and I’m happy to know I can watch the final two episodes of NXT in peace. That said, I’ll give the guy some credit. His farewell speech tonight was so classy and maybe, just maybe Percy has more of a future than just a comedy skit performer. If he could act normal all the time and use less humour, he would be good to go. See, I can say nice things about people I don’t care for.

Husky’s elimination makes me sad, but how can I complain when he got the best heel send off ever? Husky is a star and he is going to do big things in the WWE. For his size, he’s great in the ring and his character is just that damn good. His send off brought Laycool into the focus even more, and for that I’m grateful.

I don’t know how next week’s episode can even remotely try and top this week’s, but I look forward to seeing the WWE try. I’m stoked for these final two episodes. I hope all of you are as well. Until then… Cryssi out!

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