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NXT Pick Your Poison Opponents Coming From Raw & SmackDown

NXT rivals Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez are set to do battle against each other one week from Saturday at Halloween Havoc in a Weapons Wild Match. At that event, Perez will be looking to get some revenge against Jade who defeated her during their last encounter at Heatwave. However, before we get to that, they will each play “Pick Your Poison” as they choose an opponent for each other for the Oct. 18 episode of NXT.

On this week’s episode of NXT, it was confirmed that Perez will be heading to SmackDown this Friday night in order to find which roster member will be facing Jade on Oct. 18. Meanwhile, Jade confirmed that if her Halloween Havoc opponent can go to SmackDown then she will be going to Raw to find a competitor for Perez.

Who will Jade and Perez be picking?

Join the discussion below on who you think will face both Perez and Jade heading into Halloween Havoc.

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