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NXT Redux (April 19th, 2017): You win some, you lose some

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Welcome to this week’s NXT review! Last week brought us several developments in the women’s division as multiple women set their eyes on toppling Asuka‘s reign and each other.

This week the Iconic Duo is in action against Liv Morgan and Aliyah after being subjected to a taste of their own medicine last week. Before we get to the match though we are presented with a video package highlighting Asuka’s carnage throughout the division.

In the video each woman in the division stakes her claim for dethroning the Empress of Tomorrow.

After the video package Liv Morgan and Aliyah prepare to face off against Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Let’s watch:

All women make their entrances. The bout starts off with Liv and Billie squaring off. Billie dominates her from the get go. After Billie celebrates her dominace with Peyton, Liv manages to avoid her offense with a maxtrix evasion. She traps Billie in her rolling pin combo. Aliyah tags in and they double team Billie.

Aliyah and Billie go back and forth before Peyton tags in. They double team Aliyah. Aliyah goes for a headscissor pin combo but Peyton kicks out. Peyton then flattens Aliyah with a spinning kick. Peyton drags Aliyah to the corner and then tries to hoist her up but Aliyah flips over her and drags her into a pin.

Billie tries to keep Peyton standing from ringside but Liv interferes with a running dropkick, allowing Aliyah to roll up Peyton. The newbies win and leave the Icons to throw a temper tantrum in the ring.

Thoughts: After such a fresh episode last week, this week is a bit of a let down. I’m expecting more from NXT. This inconsistency in rebuilding the division and padding it out is unacceptable.

With that said though, upon second viewing, the match wasn’t that bad. It was pretty basic. Liv and Aliyah need a ton of work and Aliyah having to roll up Peyton for a win still makes the Icons look strong in defeat. The Icons play their role to perfection. Billie and Peyton have truly come into their characters. Their moves are also syncing up quite nicely. Having that tantrum at the end of the match was also a nice touch. It’s really the little things, the attention to detail that gets them over and has the audience gravitate to their characters.

My main issue though with the match is, our developing victors barely got to show anything off. This is usually fine when going up against heels but, Liv and Aliyah should be doing more. I still don’t understand what Aliyah’s character is and it’s not completely her fault either. I get the sense that she’s not being given any clear direction, she’s just there. I did really like her ring gear though.

I’m not a fan of these very short matches. It doesn’t do anything for anyone. The only way the girls are going to develop even more is by being given time to really work. Compared to last week’s short match between Ruby Riot and Kimberly Frankele, this doesn’t look good. Liv and Aliyah need more guidance and then I believe they’ll be able to work quicker and smoother.

Onto the video highlighting the NXT Women’s Champion. The video package for Asuka keeps her visible, which is good. I still don’t know why they can’t feature her in some sort of backstage segment, or have her present on the sidelines watching the competition. She holds the championship, she should be on the show, end of story.

It’s also still unclear if she’s a bonafide heel yet. It’s apparent they are running with the fact that “she’ll do anything” to keep the title, which is moving us in the right direction. I just wish the rest of the women’s division was moving right along with it.

*Side Note*

As an aside, I want to issue a warning to the comments section. Body shaming of any of the wrestlers will not be tolerated. Those comments will be removed and the poster banned from the thread. We at Diva Dirt will not put up with attacks on any of the women’s bodies. Enough is enough.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? What do you want to see the Iconic Duo do next? How would you book Liv and Aliyah? Sound off in the comments below.

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