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NXT Redux (February 15, 2017): Double Trouble

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Welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! Last week Liv Morgan managed to roll up Billie Kay in a one on one contest. The Iconic Duo demanded a rematch after Peyton Royce insisted it was an illegal win.

This week the Icons face off against Liv and a partner of her choosing to exact some retribution for last week. Let’s watch the match:

The Icons make their entrance followed by Liv who makes hers. Her partner then enters and it’s none other than Ember Moon, surprise? (let’s be frank, who else is there?)

The Icons look nervous as Ember makes her entrance. Billie and Ember start off. They tie up and Billie gets the advantage before Ember goes through a series of reversals into a headscissor. Ember sets up for a move in the corner but Peyton and Billie double team her. They tag in and out. Billie begins to work Ember over. 

Ember manages to turn things around and make the tag to Liv. Both Peyton and Liv fly in. Liv does her double clothesline, dropkick, bull dog combo before grounding Peyton with an STO. Billie rushes in to disrupt the pin but Ember gets in her way. She then takes out Ember with a big boot. Ember lands outside. 

Peyton drops Liv and tags Billie in. They double team Liv and get the win. 

After the bout General Manager William Regal announces that next week there will be a Triple Threat Match between Peyton Royce, Liv Morgan, and Ember Moon to determine the next number one contender for the Women’s Championship.

Thoughts: NXT takes one step forward and several steps back. It’s a shame we’re back to square one with fighting for time for the women on every other episode. The match itself was a fine outing but nothing to write home about, it’s almost skippable. 

The Icons manage to look strong while Liv looks the most basic here. For someone who has so much more time to develop but is given ample spotlight every week, her outings can be hit or miss. I was enjoying her progress lately but, the way she’s being handled is puzzling sometimes. Liv is primed to be the second or third tier babyface, yet, is meh. Ember’s character is almost the same way but, I’m always impressed by her innovative reversals like the headscissor combo she pulled off here. She’s a strong, agile, fierce worker, the only thing she needs now is depth for her character. 

I also found it hilarious how commentary talked up how Regal considers everyone’s win/loss record and yet puts Liv in a Triple Threat Match next week to determine the number one contender. Seriously? We all know the only person suitable to face Asuka is Ember or Nikki Cross based on their win/loss record. I’m content with Peyton being involved, however, since she’s coming up as the strongest of the Icons. 

Billie and Peyton are on equal footing now, but Billie is the most exposed to losses. Peyton hasn’t been booked too much so I’m excited to watch her really work. 

I was disappointed that there was no follow up to Nikki calling out Asuka. They couldn’t even manage to shoot a backstage segment? I really miss when there were multiple storylines involving various women that moved alongside the title picture. Can we get those back, please?

NXT is still in a precarious position as they try to build up its upper card in the women’s division. There’s barely a mid or low card right now. What I’d like to see is more development of the other women waiting in the background. There are so many more in the division that we don’t even know or see and there are even more girls at the Performance Center, just waiting for an opportunity, a time to shine. 

NXT used to have a place for everyone. The brand needs to get back on the ball and actually develop. The brand can have a strong title picture and competition between the women outside it. NXT needs to be reminded that they don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. 

What did you think of last night’s episode? What do you think about next week’s Triple Threat? Sound off in the comments below. 

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