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NXT Redux (July 10th, 2014): Summer Crushes Bayley’s Title Hopes

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! After a mishap with some sausages and a 35 minute smoke alarm, I’m here with today’s slightly delayed Redux. This is not my boring life story so let’s talk about something more dramatic and exciting, the Number One Contender’s match that aired on NXT between Bayley and Summer Rae. In addition to that match, the latest in the Natalya and Tyson Kidd ‘We need a marriage counselor’ saga continued. So much goodness, such little time to recap (due to my stupid sausages) so I’ll just be offering my thoughts on this week’s shenanigans. Let’s get right into the action!


Kicking us off first this week is Bayley vs Summer with additional appearances from Eden, one SEXY looking NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte and Renee Young is rightfully behind the commentary desk.

Later in the night, Natalya accompanied Tyson Kidd to the ring for his tag match and well, he was even willing to use his wife to get the victory.

Thoughts: How juicy is the Tyson and Natalya stuff? I absolutely love it! Natalya sold being hit to perfection and I’m loving the drama that is brewing between the pair. Will Nattie turn heel too? Only time will tell. As for people who hate it being on NXT, I for one don’t have a problem with it. I suppose it could fit into SmackDown yet with so much going on, NXT is much better platform to showcase this than Superstars or Main Event. Plus, NXT writing seems to be leaps and bounds better than main roster stories so who is to say this idea would have ever made it to the main shows? I’m just glad we’re getting to see it.

Onto the Divas match of the night and I wasn’t massively feeling it. Something seemed just a little off. Summer’s finisher was slightly mistimed but I do agree with the outcome. A lot of fans have commented on the referee calling for Summer to place Bayley’s shoulders back to the mat again yet as Summer is fantastic at thinking on her feet, the referre’s influence meant Summer ran with the ball and got more annoyed with him, so I liked the ref standing his ground.

Anyway, although I am a huge fan of Bayley and she is by far my favourite NXT Diva, Charlotte vs Summer is just that little bit more interesting and Summer is a little bit more a rub to help push Charlotte in the long run. By the way, Charlotte looked incredible. Remember when she had the horrible black hair with the blonde dip dye lmao? What a difference a hairdo can make!

If that wasn’t enough, Sasha’s allegiance being teased backstage is yet another little present for us loyal Diva fans. WWE could have just made the commentators say that Sasha decided to stick with Charlotte, bla bla bla, yet they are giving her something to do and adding another layer to the split of the BFFs. Sasha is 10000000000000000000000000% better as a heel and segments like this show why.

Also, Renee Young’s commentary at the end regarding Tyson and Natalya? She hit the nail on the head and sounded legit pissed off. Realistic commentary which I loved.

So many positives on NXT yet again. Forget Monday Night Raw, NXT is the A show in WWE.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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