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NXT Redux (July 17th, 2014): Sasha Bankrolls Over the Glitter Blizzard

What’s up everyone? This is clearly not Jack, but being that I missed out on doing the Raw Redux this week due to power issues, I’ve decided to hop on board the NXT train and put forth my finest effort to bring justice to the Diva recapping. So… without any further ado, let’s get underway with tonights match-up which sees Solo Sasha Banks take on Glitter Goddess, Alexa Bliss.

We head to the ring as Eden Stiles introduces Alexa Bliss to the ring. Bliss blows a fist full of glitter out as she skips down the ramp and we get treated to a promo video where she basically says the last time they faced off, Sasha underestimated her because of her kindness and lack of height. Tonight though, Banks goes alone so she’s about to see lightning strike twice. I don’t think this pleases Sasha too much, as the Boss struts out from the back and places her trademark glasses on her head as she talks down to the crowd and joins Bliss in the ring. Following some trademarked Boss style taunting, Sasha removes her accessories and we get underway with a “Sasha’s Ratchet” chant. Alexa scores a near fall almost instantly, then hitting a nice tilt-a-whirl small package, but just for a one count as Banks nails a dropkick.

Sasha slams Bliss down a few times, now targeting the blue dyed tip hair before sending her off the ropes and rolling through a small package attempt. Knee to the abdomen, with Banks then placing Alexa in between the ropes and nailing a set of knees to perfection. Alexa fights out, sparking Sasha to apply a nice cravate as the crowd cheers Alexa on to escape it. Sasha continues her wonderful taunts with “Alexxxa, Alexxaaa” but it allows the glitter god to fight out and nail her 450 flip roll through into a dropkick. Bliss tries to keep the momentum in her favor, but Sasha counters a clothesline attempt into the backstabber transitioned to a crossface for the win!

Thoughts: I thought this was a pretty solid match between Sasha and Alexa overall, but if I had one complaint to look at, it’s that I feel like Alexa’s matches are starting to kind of feel the same. What she does is great and it all looks on point, but it’s almost like we haven’t gotten to scratch the surface of what she can do, rather we keep seeing the same moves each time she competes. I love her look and she’s pretty dang strong at promos this early on which is all the more why I want to see what else she can do in the ring to sort of make her matches feel different in the future.

Sasha Banks is pretty much my personal star of the division (well, probably tied with Bayley). Every one of her matches feels special to me and she really knows how to get the crowd against her with chants and boos each time she steps out from the back. She finally switched up her finisher to something that is truly unique and equally as devastating to see when she busts it out, which almost completes the package. From the past few weeks, her acting in backstage segments has gotten much, much better so as long as she stays on that path, there’s legitimately nothing stopping her from being the full star I’ve felt she could be since the day she got signed.

The match itself told a good story of Sasha having to prove that she can really make it on her own considering she’s had backup for her entire run as a heel, and it did the job in showcasing her as a threat to the division as well as disproving the theory fans seem to have that she’s the weak link of the BFF’s. I actually think she’s the best of them in the grand scheme of things (crowd connection as a heel, ring work, etc), at least when seeing them in NXT since we’ve only seen Summer hit the main roster, but I can understand booking wise why she seems like the third wheel of the bunch considering Summer’s got so much press and Charlotte deservedly has the title.

Fortunately though, tonight did great in making her look like an equal who doesn’t need Summer or Charlotte to secure a victory so hopefully there’s a lot more to come in the future of the BFF’s!

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