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NXT Redux (July 24th, 2014): Summer Bows Down to the Queen

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! The implosion of the Beautiful Fierce Females happened last night and the NXT Women’s Championship was even on the line. Champion Charlotte (woo!) faced off against former leader of the faction, the woman who wants you to call to her, Summer Rae. Which blonde beauty will take away the coveted gold silver? Is Sasha Banks raging backstage because she didn’t get a number one contender’s match? Poor Sasha. Anyway, let’s get this show on the road!


Summer Rae Vs Charlotte by wwefan53

Out first this week it’s the metallic-title challenger – it’s Summer Rae. Summer looks the picture of confidence as she struts down to the ring looking pretty DAYUM fine. Not to be outdone, Charlotte and her epic theme song make their presence felt next and yet again, she looks phenomenal! If this was a beauty competition, I’m be firmly on the fence! Although I am very confused with Charlotte’s body language; is she a face? Just because the BFFs split, doesn’t mean any of them have to turn face…

After Eden Stiles/Brandi Rhodes/Stardustier makes the tense in-ring introductions, the match gets underway. The girls get involved in a major shove off before Charlotte levels Summer with a ferocious slap. Charlotte mocks Summer’s dancing (and with as much rhythm as The Great Khali by the looks of things) which leads to a livid Summer mounting Charlotte to commence a catfight.

Following a double hairgrab takeover, Charlotte gets to her feet first before working over Summer in the corner. Charlotte decks the Total Diva with a clothesline and then she goes for successive and unsuccessful covers. The Queen City native works over her foe’s back before latching on her now patented figure-four neck lock, a move which takes us to the commercial break. Summer is still stuck in the submission after a trailer for a WWE Films production (straight to DVD – NO WAY, I am so surprised) and much like the acting in the advertisement, this submission is brutal.

After Summer is thrown out of the move by landing hard of her back, she suckers Charlotte in and puts the champ on her own back… with the added pain of being on the outside too. Back in the ring, Summer screams “I MADE YOU CHARLOTTE” as she chokes the life out of her. Following some through the rope submissions, Summer locks in a vice like bodyscissors, which ends up being switched into a messy looking pin attempt.

After some cocky hits and strikes in the corner, Charlotte regroups and nearly wins it with a schoolgirl yet Summer shuts her second-generation adversary down. I’m sure the girls are wanting to shut the crown down too – there are some nasty “BORING” chants. Summer tries for another submission in the form of a very lengthy single crab and although it looks nice, the crowd are not into it at all and are getting restless. They are even Mexican Waving! Summer says an American wave goodbye to her momentum though as both Divas hits a clothesline on each other.

The pace begins to quicken with a series of moves concluding with a sizzling spin kick from Summer yet it’s still not enough for the challenger. After some messy strikes and tussles, Charlotte manages to hit Summer and hit Bow Down to The Queen for the win. I bet the girls are glad it’s over after the reception they got.

Thoughts: I’m not going to lie, this was nowhere near as good as Charlotte’s match against Natalya. There was a lot less chemistry here and although both girls exuded charisma, I felt the may was way too slow paced and relied way too much on submissions, bland and basic ones at that (with the exception of the nice half crab). Parts of the match were really clumsy-looking too, like the girls lost track of what they were doing. Charlotte’s finisher without the run up didn’t look impactful either. Not sure how Charlotte can go from the ranked #2 Match of the Year so far to this but well, you can’t please everyone all of time. It will have been especially hard for the women too considering the crowd, which normally don’t act anything like that. I think NXT was just having one of those rough weeks!

What happens next in NXT? Presumably Summer won’t appear again unless for a one-off appearance? The newest announcer said it best that really struck a chord with me, something along the lines of wanting to know what really went on between these two in the locker room. The backstage antics should have definitely transpired on TV. I felt like WWE rushed this match and normally, the pace of stories on NXT is excellent. I guess WWE just wanted to give Charlotte the rub quickly and reference Summer leaving the group properly. At least they didn’t just forget about her altogether.

Now Charlotte is going to be getting a new challenger. With only four choices actively on the roster, I would like to see some new girls come into the fray very soon. Either that or gives us Charlotte vs Sasha, so they can do with that what they should have done with this feud.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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