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NXT Redux (March 6th, 2014): Can the Flair Halt the Emmalution?

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux. How are we all? It’s the first show since the monumental NXT Arrival that I was unable to recap due to poor planning within my life. Why other things took priority over recapping the love of my live defending her NXT Women’s Championship is beyond me and I regret it deeply to this day. Erin’s Redux was amazing though so I’m glad she did my fans proud. Sorry to all of those who were expecting my exquisite ramblings. *Pats Erin on the back*

I’m back this week though, and a day earlier than I expected, due to Hulu having uploaded the show already, despite NXT’s move to Thursday nights on the WWE Network. Yeah, I’m also as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles. Despite me writing this way ahead of the Network’s showing, it may take an eternity like usual for a video that I can embed to show up, so apologies for that. It’s not my fault! And please, don’t start any Snitsky jokes. God, as I just referenced Snitsky. Let me take a shower, thoroughly wash my mouth out with Dove soap (other brands are also available) and cleanse my soul listening to whale music.

Now I’m back from that deep sanitization, I ready to dive into this week’s NXT action.


Now I’m off to anger management. Shan’t be long!

Right, no more trips out. I’ve got to man up and face anymore monstrosities head on. Let’s do this. Firstly, I’ll finish this introduction finally! This week, the former Number One Contender to the NXT Women’s Champion (HA! *Calm down Jack, you like Emma really*) Emma takes on one third of the BFFs, Charlotte. Will the Flair of NXT pull a dirty trick from up her sleeve to get the job done or will the Emmalution continue to juggernaut and regard last week as a hiccup? Will Sasha Banks get involved? Will the Summer Rae face on a stick be used as a weapon? So many questions, such little time. I’ve wasted enough as it is, so let’s get to it!


The first Diva sighting of the night is from Renee Young, who is interviewing Adrian Neville in the ring. Not much to talk about here, other than how amazing Renee looked. The beauty in blue!

Renee is back next in a backstage interview with Emma that was taped after NXT: ArRIVAL. Emma says she’s disappointed to lose yet she knows she’ll be a champion in WWE one day. You’re already a Dance Off winner Emma, onwards and upwards! Surprisingly, the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair makes his presence known, wooing and jiving like it’s nobody’s business. Ric tells Emma that the next Women’s NXT Champion (yup, he got the script wrong) is his “lovely” daughter Charlotte. Charlotte waltzes in, declaring how she hates losing so knows Emma must be feeling awful. She says she’s around if Emma ever needs a shoulder to cry on or a girly chat. 1. Those are some dayum chiseled shoulder to cry on. 2. What a strange conversation they could have: bubbles, Tajiri, E. B. White and a whole lotta step mothers.

The backstage segment set up a match between the two and we’re now in the Full Sail arena to see it all unfold. Renee Young is back for her 6547.5th appearance on the episode thus far and she pies Byron Saxton right into the face at the commentary booth. Hilarious. Emma bops her way to the ring before Charlotte struts down to a new theme and a new billed from location. Not sure what Brandi said but it was some form of Queen City? Anywho, Charlotte comes accompanied by Sasha Banks and Summer’s head on a stick. And Summer’s still the best dressed. I’m kidding. How good do Charlotte and Sasha look by the way? They both look good in blue and Charlotte’s hairstyle is more feminine. Looking good to me Miss Flair!

The match starts out with Charlotte not looking too impressed with Emma’s dancing. The pair grapple with Charlotte’s power shown on full display. The stylin’ and profilin’ Diva goes for a clothesline yet Emma dodges it before pulling a face that screams “I’m not too shabby either!” The girls exchange submissions next, with Charlotte wristlocking Emma before the bubbly Australian counters with one of her own. Charlotte powers through and applies a front facelock yet Emma bounces back with a wristlock. Charlotte tries to throw Emma offer yet Emma leaves her in a bigger world of pain in the form of a hammerlock.

After some shots of Sasha bringing the sassiness at ringside, Charlotte gets to her feet yet gets grounded quickly again as Emma rolls her up for two. Charlotte retaliates with a knee to the gut and an Irish whip to the corner. Emma boots Charlotte back and gives her a taste of her own medicine with a whip. Charlotte jumps over Emma yet on the landing, she tweaks her ankle and is in serious pain. Emma tries to capitalize with a pin yet Charlotte is down, yet not yet out. Emma looks on confused as the ref attends to Charlotte. Sasha gets on the apron, looking deeply concerned. Emma faces Sasha only for Charlotte to… BAM!

Charlotte nips up and sadly botches her finisher. Fortunately, Emma sells it like a champ and this one is over. Move over Meryl Streep, we’ve got new top actresses in town. Ok well, maybe not quite, but they still did good!

Later in the night, we catch up with Devin Taylor, who is some bizarre underground club ready to meet Leo Kruger new NXT party-goer Adam Rose.

The Bahamas dweller has an entourage of followers, including six unnamed NXT Divas. They are: Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Kendall Skye, Shara and Veronica Lane. As their unnamed though, I’m going to give them their very own Rose Petal names. They are: Delicious, Sultry, Crumper, Mardi Gras, Brute and Rampant. I literally feel like I’ve had my drink spiked after seeing that segment. SEND. HELP.

Thoughts: This week’s NXT was a refreshing change of pace. Although no new Divas were introduced in the ring, it was nice change of pace to see Charlotte spotlighted instead of just being part of a collective. She was center stage, performed well in her first in-ring outing as a Heel and I was a real fan of her devious antics, not too dissimilar to a certain other member of her family. And I don’t mean David. It’s good to see a new potential challenger to Paige’s belt and what a way for her to get thrown to the front of the queue by beating the former Number One Contender. Good edition of the show and of course, I can’t wait to see Paige compete next week.

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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