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NXT Redux (November 13th, 2013): Charlotte Shows Off Her Beautiful, Fierce Side


In this game of Survivor, sometimes you have to vote people you like off the island. That’s what I’ve done with Jack this week. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t cover Raw this week, that I decided to throw about the power that comes with being the Khaleesi of the Diva Dirt Island, and made sure Jack’s torch was nice and snuffed. He’s currently on Redemption Island right now, plotting a way to get his NXT Redux back I’m sure, but it will be to little and much to late. Boy, bye!

I may or may not have watched an entire episode of NXT in a long, long, long, long time, but this week I was reminded why I had such an issue with Summer Rae being a ballroom dancer in the first place. Our favorite sequined salsa dancer teamed up with the fiercest of the fierce, Miss Sasha Banks to take on the team of Charlotte and Bayley (who was giving me nail polish envy, FYI).

Please excuse the Hulu embed. I can’t find anything better! Skip to 1:20 in the video below:

Now keeping in mind that I am a most casual viewer, take my opinions with that of a grain of salt. I’ll start with Charlotte. I’ll be honest, watching her wrestle didn’t impress me. I think she has a lot of basic skills that are masked very cleverly with gymnastics and athleticism. That being said, when one lacks with something, one must find a way to compensate. Her ring entrance is pretty incredible, and so is her physique. Girlfriend is FIT and TRIM, and once she figures out what she wants to do with her hair, she should be much more complete in terms of her look. I might not have enjoyed watching her wrestle, but I enjoyed her character and the twist at the end suited her rather well, I think.

Bayley’s gimmick is something I don’t get, and I don’t personally like it, but I can see why other people do. Comedy has never really done it for me when it comes to wrestling but she has come so far since SHIMMER it’s insane. As Davina Rose, she was kind of boring and kind of bland, but the WWE has done wonders for her. Other than Emma, I think Bayley is definitely the best facey-type of person NXT has, and I can’t wait to see even more progression from her. Her ring-work was solid. She made Charlotte look like a million dollars at the end, selling that attack like nobody’s business.

And as far as people looking like a million dollars, Sasha Banks might be my new favorite. This was the best thing to ever happen to her, and she WERKS. I love this girl almost as much as I love my precious Bella twins, and you guys who read the Raw Redux know that is a whole lot of love. Summer and Sasha exuded charisma, personality, and just sheer heel bitchyness. I’m not to fond of them throwing perfectly good headbands down to the ground, but I suppose it’s what a bad girl would do. They’ll probably just go buy the Chanel version later.

As far as the match goes, I really did love it. Bayley was the MVP and Summer continued to do what she does best and that is steal the show every time she steps in the ring. Her skills are soooo good and it’s going to be a sad day to see her leave NXT for good. It’s inevitable because in my opinion, she needs to be challenging for the Diva’s Championship ASAP. The turn at the end with Charlotte walking off with Sasha and Summer kind of makes me think that Charlotte may end up being Sasha’s go to person in place of Summer? I think Charlotte has the look and feel of a powerhouse heel and we all know that’s what her famous dad did best. I do believe she has a lot of potential, and I think she will get better. You really don’t need to have 2349720349823 moves to be someone whom a person like me might find entertaining, and being a super heel might just give Charlotte that boost she’s lacking as of right. It was a pretty great match and I’m very, very happy with it.

We also got a backstage segment featuring one of the one million and one new Divas, Lana, and a big bear of a man called Alexander Rusev. I see that he is Bulgarian. I wonder if he knows Katherine from The Vampire Diaries?

Anyways, skip to 18:00 in the video below:

Welp. I reckon digging my earplugs out of my gym bag was pretty pointless because I didn’t get any of that. Then again, I’m American and I guess I’m not supposed too. If that was the point of the segment, then well done. In other news, Lana is really pretty.

The last bit of Divaness from this episode of NXT comes in the form of a very interesting video package centered around Emma. I hated it. Emma is MUCH BETTER than that thirty seconds of my afternoon I’ll never get back.

Well, if that doesn’t give you guys sunshine, roses, and rainbow feelings then I don’t know what will. NXT, back when I watched it religiously, was always better than Raw and SmackDown, and it seems like it still is. No offense to Raw, obviously, but the talent down in Florida is just more interesting to me. They’re fresh and hungry, and the main roster is full of talent that just seems stale and burnt out a lot of the time. At this point, the only thing I watch WWE for are the Divas, and thank God for them. It seems like after this particular episode, if I need a wrestling fix for whatever reason, I’ll start turning into a regular viewer then.

My only concern is with so much female talent on NXT and on the main roster, what are they going to do?

Chances are, I won’t be around to recap it. Jack does an amazing job with this and with Main Event, so if I break down and decide to invite him back to the island, he will be right here next week. I’ll see you guys on the flip side! ;-)

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