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NXT Redux (November 6th, 2014): Banks n’ Becks Meet Team Huggably Superior

Hello one and all! And welcome to another life receiving week of NXT. This week, Carmella has chosen not to grace us with her presence, but never fear… for we have a huge tag team bout that was set up last week. Resident Boss, Sasha Banks, enlists in her cohort, the dastardly, certainly not discoostin, Becky Lynch! Together, they will join forces to face off against the woman Becky turned on a few weeks ago, Bayley, and her partner, the NXT Womens Champion (and resident Sasha Banks hater), Charlotte!

Will the Genetically Superior Huggers (still working out a few team name options) overcome Banks n’ Becks? Or will Bossy Rocker fall victim to the Genetic Friends/Respected Acquaintances?

Let’s find out!~

We head out to the ring as Sasha Banks makes her grand entrance, and now that I’ve had a few weeks to process the theme songs, I think hers regains its spot as my number one. So good. Sooo catchy. Once SB steps inside, our rock anthem hits and out pops Becky Lynch! The head goes swinging round and round, as she screams to the fans about her lack of needing their approval any longer. Sasha looks on pleased with the newfound Becky, but before the two can warm each other up too much, they’re cut off by Baaaayley!

To all the people across every nation, turn it up and give me some more… cheers for Bayley and her wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, that is. And finally, out struts her interesting partner for the night… Charlotte! The last time these two teamed together, things didn’t end quite too well for Bayl’z, but lets hope these two have come full circle enough to not finish this match with a partner turning on the other.

The bell sounds as Bayley and Becky kick things off with Bayley getting the quick upper hand. She hug-shoves Becky itno the corner and tries for an early Hugplex, but Becky fights out and tags Sasha in. Bayley quickly takes control again, nailing a knee drop for just a one count. Charlotte DEMANDS Bayley tag her in as she wants a piece of Sasha, but the Boss isn’t having it as she runs over to tag Becky in. Charlotte slams Lynch around and nails some chops to the chest. A nice flipping snapmare-esque hold and we head to a break.

Once we return, the crowd has come alive with dueling “Sasha’s Ratchet” “No She’s Not” chants. This doesn’t please the Boss, who still refuses to tag in despite Charlotte ordering one to be made. The champ then takes matters into her own hands and throws Becky right into Sasha, knocking our boss off thee ring apron. From there, Charlotte rolls out of the ring and charges after her! Sasha rolls inside as the team looks to work a routine over on Charlotte, but the champ is fully prepared as she blocks an attempted punch from Becky and continues the upper hand.

No matter how much ring time Becky sees though, Charlotte has her sights set firmly on Sasha Banks. She goes over and tries to knock her down again, but Sasha ducks and Charlotte decides she has to keep Becky grounded. Because of this, she turns around but gets pulled back by Sasha, who grabs her by the hair and drops her like a hot potato. Becky goes for the cover, but the champ kicks out. Sasha tags in! Banks goes crazy on her until Charlotte throws her off, sparking Sasha to tag out again!

Becky runs in, but Charlotte is PISSED, and unfortunately for her, the brunt of the anger is getting taken out on her. A knee drop connects, followed by a tag to Bayley who chops Becky right in the chest. She follows it up with a snapmare, then slapping her on the back and connecting with the back elbow/clothesline combo! Becky finally fights out and tags into Sasha, who goes to town on Bayley with shots to the back of the head. Crowd is now firmly behind Bayley, as Sasha taunts Charlotte and keeps the match in her control.

Sasha eyes Charlotte down and locks the figure 4 neck lock in on Bayley! Bayley finally powers out, but Sasha tags Becky in and she nails a kick to the abdomen. Tag back into Sasha, who chokes Bayley out with a boot in the corner. Banks then flings what I believe is Bayley’s headband right into Charlotte, as she continues her dominance inside the ring. Suplex attempt… Bayley counters! She goes for the pin, but Becky runs in and gets tossed out. Sasha then nails a clothesline as Bayley tries to claw over for a tag… but Becky Lynch grabs at Charlotte’s foot! Charlotte fights her off, but this is enough of a distraction to allow Sasha to clothesline her off the ring apron. Bayley roll up! Sasha rolls through! She gets the pin!

Sasha HIGHTAILS it up the ramp with Becky in tow, as they celebrate their big win over two of the biggest NXT Divas in the promotions history.

Thoughts: LOVED this match. It got a ton of time, and the action was so on point throughout. My favorite part of the entire thing though, had to be the way Charlotte was booked. Just because she’s a face didn’t mean she had to change her ring style up, and I’m so glad she’s not going back to all the flips and acrobatics. They made her look insanely strong throughout the match, constantly capitalizing over Becky, and only falling victim to Sasha’s tricks when they were done as her back was turned.

The intensity both she and Sasha showed gave their impending feud so much fire and passion that it needed too. This is the kind of pent up aggression I want a feud between them to have (even if it sadly can’t involve Bayley too and be the triple threat we were expecting post TakeOver 2). They’ve had such a storied past, and usually NXT’s one misfire is that they don’t bring enough of the girls past together up (such as the case of Charlotte and Bayley in their feud a few months ago). I really really hope these two get some good promos or backstage interviews because with how vocal they were in the ring, it would be even more powerful were they to be given an actual segment to fully speak. Fingers crossed that by the time NXT’s next live special rolls around, the fire between them is at an all time high because if tonight was any indication whatsoever, we’re in for a heated treat!

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