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NXT Redux (September 14th, 2016): Liv, you in danger girl

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Welcome to this week’s NXT review, let’s jump into it shall we. Last week Asuka issued a challenge to the rest of the women’s division, openly stating that no one is ready to face her. This week someone bravely, or foolishly depending how you look at it, called her out.

And after Liv Morgan scored a victory against Aliyah, she looks to continue her streak this week against Rachel Ellering, who sports a new last name change this time. Let’s watch the bout.

Both girls make their entrances, Rachel now going by the name Rachel Fazio. The two tie up and go through a series of reversals and chain wrestling. Liv controls the first part of the match. She taunts Rachel who goes in for a clothesline but Liv matrix evades it. Rachel is able to corner Liv but not for long as Liv tosses her and sends her to the ground with a dropkick. She launches her into the ropes and follows up with punches.

Rachel starts coming back and props Liv up into a fireman’s carry. Liv scurries out of it, surprising Rachel. Liv then jumps at Rachel and catches her in a headlock submission where she puts Rachel away.

After the match Liv tells Rachel that she tapped out. She taunts her but then focuses her attention on the NXT Women’s Title. She says that word on the street is the division has been tapped and there’s no competition for Asuka. She then says that she’s standing there and she wants to fight. She says she wants Asuka, which prompts “Asuka’s gonna kill you” chants. She issues a challenge for Asuka and says, “I’m coming for you!”

Asuka mocks Liv’s challenge on twitter:

Another promo for Sanity airs. It’s still very unclear as to whether or not this is a male or female superstar. What do you guys think?

Thoughts: Ohhh boyyyyy, Liv, girrlll is stirring the pot. Even with this ballsy promo, this was a really good outing for her. I think it definitely helped that she worked against an indy veteran in Rachel. Liv is getting more comfortable in the ring, doing some chain wrestling that we haven’t really seen from too many homegrown women, except for the more experienced, lately. I have to give props to the trainers and the enhancement talent here. We’ve been starting to see fast paced back and forth sequences, even if it’s a bit limited and even if all the players haven’t been involved in the division yet. Rachel continues to also be crisp in the ring and I hope at some point NXT does sign her.

However, I’m a bit curious as to why they changed her last name and didn’t mention her prestigious history. I’m guessing it’s because her dad Paul Ellering is working alongside the Authors of Pain right now so they aren’t going to pair her with them, or him. It’s a little bit of a shame in that aspect because she is another second generation wrestler, which should always be celebrated.

Let’s be real though with the rest of the show, NXT hasn’t been too innovative lately. I appreciated Liv calling out Asuka which helps move things along in the title scene but my complaints from last week remain the same: We need to start seeing movement within the division where competitors interact with each other way more than they are now. We need more vignettes and backstage interactions. Where are these girls while Ember Moon, while Liv, while Aliyah are getting some shine and attention? Who is Mandy Rose? Why is Nikki Glencross here? These are questions that should be asked, answered, and worked into their characters.

Tapings are coming up again. I believe they’ll start building and rounding out the title picture nicely but something needs to be done with the rest of the division. Billie and Peyton need to come together, start ganging up on some girls on the side, something just needs to start on the outskirts of the championship feuds. I know NXT is reverting back to a developmental show again and is in the process of making its characters shine but you can do a lot in a short time. Look at SmackDown or look at competition such as Lucha Underground.

Instead of giving away cool moments and character beats at house shows, it’s time to step it up on NXT television.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Will Asuka respond to Liv on NXT tv? How would you book the rest of the division? Sound off in the comments below.

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