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NXT Redux (September 20th, 2017): Put your hair up and square up

Hola NXT fans and welcome to this week’s NXT Redux! With the inaugural Mae Young Classic behind us, the time has now come for some of the (already signed) participants to reemerge back on our NXT television screens. This week, we are treated to just that in a match-up featuring MYC participants Lacey Evans taking on Bianca Belair.

Before we get there, we are treated to a video flashback package of Asuka relinquishing the NXT Women’s Championship. The emotions are rolling back. But wait, there’s more! NXT cameras also catch-up with Sonya Deville, who has a few choice words for the record setting NXT Women’s Champion and still undefeated Asuka.

Deville claims that the reason she was never in the same ring with Asuka was because Asuka knew had they ever squared off, the belt would be around Deville’s waist. She continues by saying with Asuka now gone, the NXT Women’s Championship is as good as hers. If anyone has a problem with that, they can come see her about it. Any NXT Superstars willing to take on Sonya Deville’s challenge?

Time for our featured women’s match of the week:

Out first is Lacey Evans, who continues to give me Sonya Blade vibes. I’m not the only person who sees the resemblance, am I? Bianca Belair who currently has my second favorite theme song only behind Taryn Terrell’s theme makes her way to the ring next with full on swagger!

The bell sounds off and the match start off with a tie-up thats sees Belair take control by shoving Evans to a corner. The women meet back in the center of the ring for a second tie-up, this time ending with Bianca delivering a waistlock takedown on Evans. Belair runs the ropes but Evans manages to slow her down with a kick to the midsection and leg sweep combination that earns a one count.

Back on their feet, Belair charges Evans to the ropes and pulls her by the hair onto the mat. She tries to whip Evans to the ropes but the latter manages to stay put by latching on to the top rope. Evans goes for a clothesline but Belair ducks it and instead sets Evans up Double Chicken Wing face buster for a two count.

Evans rolls to the ring apron and finds a break when she manages to block a forearm from Belair. She strikes one her own and takes Belair down with a second leg sweep. Evans follows up with an elbow drop for a two count. Belair steps back up with a fisherman suplex to Evans for a near fall of her own. Lots of competition between these two!

Belair takes Evans to a corner, where she stomps over her. Evans responds with a series of offense that include a loud right forearm, a running clothesline, a roundhouse kick and even a Bronco Buster! After landing a swinging neck breaker, Evans goes for the cover but Belair continues to stay alive!

Belair tosses Evans to the ropes and when the timing is just right, hits her signature Hair Whip! OUCH! The move stuns Evans and sets her up a reverse powerbomb that earns Belair the three count. What a win!

Elsewhere, another Mae Young Classic participant in Dakota Kai makes an appearance on NXT this week. She introduces herself backstage and says despite being new in NXT, she shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those who watched her in the tournament know that she can handle herself in the ring.

She refers to herself as the Captain of Team Kick and will have no problem kicking heads in order to make the NXT Women’s Championship hers. Kick away Dakota!

Thoughts: Wow what a real fun match from NXT this week. More so when you keep in mind that it involved women who are essentially considered to be homegrown talent for NXT!

As I mentioned at the start of the Redux, we’re now entering a post MYC phase and I think it was a smart move to start bringing some of those new names to television. The NXT roster is currently full of women and with NXT only being an hour long program, a lot of these names tend to be shelved for a long period of time. As we await for the NXT Women’s Title picture to shape form again, these exhibition matches can help fans warm up to the newer names and give them experience to work on their craft.

This match was competitive, with plenty of near falls and had a distinct face and heel. Both women have so much potential to continue to grow and this is where I trust NXT’s developmental trait to follow through; especially with Bianca Belair. With praises from Lita to Asuka to Mark Henry, it’s no surprise why Bianca is being labeled as the one to watch. Personally her match with Kairi Sane was my favorite match from the MYC.

As for the backstage interviews featuring Dakota Kai and Sonya Deville, again, brownie points to WWE for trying to introduce new women to the NXT Universe. While I think Deville still needs some improvements in the ring, she has the cocky/dominating presence. Meanwhile, Kai’s look just screams babyface, which NXT can always use, and I’m still holding onto hope that she’ll run in to Ruby Riot, who has her own Nikki Cross mystery to deal with.

What did you think of this week’s episode of NXT? Looking forward to seeing more new names make their way to NXT television? How would you book Dakota Kai’s debut? Let us know in the comments below!

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