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NXT Spoilers for Next Week (September 28th)

Spoilers for next week’s episode of NXT are below. The show is being taped in advance due to there not being a taping next Tuesday as SmackDown will be live on October 1st instead.

* The Rookies and Pros are on the stage to open the show. Fan voting begins next Wednesday at Noon eastern.

* A wheel barrel Rookie Challenge is up. The Rookies have to push Hornswoggle around in a wheel barrel. Kaitlyn wins with a time of 12 seconds.

* They have a “Trash a Diva” Rookie Challenge. All the Rookies mock each other with AJ and Maxine are the favorites. AJ wins the challenge.

* Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero have a great cat fight that Matt Striker had to break it up and it’s announced they’ll wrestle in two weeks on WWE NXT when they in Topeka, Kansas. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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