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NXT Spoilers for Tonight

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of NXT below:

* Tonight’s show opens with a Rookie Challenge. It’s a mechanical bull riding competition. The Bella Twins demonstrate and Aksana wins among the Rookies. The crowd was absolutely dead for the segment.

* Aksana b. Maxine with a reverse pin attempt. The match was sloppy with several notable botches. Aksana’s Pro, Goldust, came out with the Million Dollar Championship belt he captured from Ted DiBiase on last night’s edition of Raw.

* The Raw Rebound segment airs, recapping John Cena’s situation with The Nexus from last night’s show.

* Another Rookie Challenge is up. This time it’s a talent show for the NXT Divas. Aksana did weird contorted push-ups, Naomi rapped, AJ did some acrobatic moves, Jamie “turned men on” by kissing Matt Striker and Kaitlyn drew Vickie Guerrero then made fun of her. Maxine cut a promo apologizing to Hornswoggle for last week, saying she baked him a pie. He came out and she smeared some of it on his face. He took the rest of the pie and slammed it in her face. Kaitlyn is named the winner by the response of the crowd. Due to the fact Kaitlyn and AJ have both won three Rookie Challenges, the crowd got to choose who got immunity from being eliminated. Kaitlyn was awarded immunity.

* Backstage, Aksana tells Goldust she has four weeks to get her paperwork in order before she is deported.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out with Vickie Guerrero for her match against Kaitlyn. There is a lot of stalling to start the match with Dolph looking conflicted between them. Kaitlyn gets a quick pin after Dolph accidentally distracts Vickie. Kaitlyn tries to celebrate with Dolph who acts innocent. Vickie leaves Dolph and Kaitlyn in the ring together.

* Jamie is eliminated from the show to end this week’s episode of WWE NXT. (Source: Wrestling News World)

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