Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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NXT Spoilers for Tonight

Spoilers for this week’s edition of NXT. The show airs tonight at 10pm on WWE.com.

*AJ defeated Maxine.

*Backstage, Maxine bumps into Hornswoggle and tells him she saw AJ spending time with Titus O’Neil while he was away. Hornswoggle leaves distraught. Maxine sees Derrick Bateman talking to Tyson Kidd and yells at him for not being there for her match. She tells him they are close to breaking up AJ and Hornswoggle and start making out.

*Backstage, AJ is looking for Hornswoggle. She come across Titus and gives him a hug, asking if he’s seen Horny. Titus says he saw him earlier. Hornswoggle sees the hug and when AJ tries to talk to him, he just walks away. (Source)


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