Friday, June 21, 2024

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NXT Spoilers from Columbus Live Event

According to reports, matches from tonight’s NXT live event in Columbus, Ohio were taped for a future NXT episode. No word yet on whether the following matches will air. Possible spoilers below:

* Alexa Bliss defeated NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks by count out. They both got good reactions but some of us are aware that Bliss is from the area. Bliss getting the upset was a good hometown moment and got a pop.

* Ric Flair is out next to a pop. Flair praises Charlotte and introduces her. Bayley is out next and we have our second Divas match. They chanted “better than Reigns” at one point. Charlotte gets the win with Natural Selection but Bayley was over more. Flair comes in and hugs Bayley after the match. Charlotte also shows respect.


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