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NXT Spoilers: March 8th – 22nd, 2017

WWE has taped several weeks worth of NXT.Spoilers below.


It appears they are taping some matches out of order and some could be dark matches

* Heidi Lovelace (now billed as Ruby Riot) over Kimber Lee, presumably the opening dark match.

* SAnitY cuts a promo on the big screen, from the woods in front of a fire. They talk about Tye Dillinger drowning in his choices and bringing his friends down with him. Eric Young says Dillinger needs to fight him alone and Nikki Cros says if not, they’ll burn the whole world down

* Ember Moon defeated Billie Kay (with Peyton Royce) in a quick match. Peyton went to stop Ember on the ropes, but backed down when Ember threatened to hit her. Ember then hit the Eclipse for the pin. Trainers run out to check on Billie as she appears hurt. She’s helped out under her own power but was holding her neck and crying.

* Nikki Cross defeated Macey Estrella. Nikki just destroys Macey, hitting six swinging fisherman neckbreakers then pinning her. Afterwards, No Way Jose and Tye Dillinger attack SAnitY, but fall to the numbers game once again.

* No Way Jose, Roderick Strong, & Tye Dillinger vs. SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, & Killian Dain) goes to a no contest when the referee loses control and decides to just throw it out. Ruby Riot then runs down to even the odds vis-a-vis Nikki Cross! Babyfaces then manage to fight SAnitY off for once.

* NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Priscilla Zuniga (Angel Rose) in a non-title match. Asuka cuts a promo and says “Ember Moon, this is your head” and just drills Priscilla with a kick to the head. Priscilla slaps Asuka, leading to Asuka destroying her with the butt-butt and the “yes!” kicks, then folds her in half with a deadlift German. Asuka goes for the pin by kneeling on her, but lifts her up at 2 to inflict more damage. Asuka wins with the Asuka Lock, but won’t let it go after the bell until the ref pulls her off. Asuka cuts a promo in Japanese after the match then walks out. She said, “HEY! LISTEN UP! Your future goes through me, there will be no Eclipse.”

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