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NXT Stand & Deliver Predictions: 04.06.24

Ahead of WrestleMania starting this Saturday, the women of NXT will be featured on Stand & Deliver.

It is also an exciting time for Diva Dirt as we have a few new writers joining us! And unfortunately with that, we will have the exit of Colby as he moves on to bigger and better things.

With that being said, here are our predictions for NXT’s biggest show of the year.

Thea Hail, Fallon Henley, and Kelani Jordan vs. Jacy Jayne, Kiana James, and Izzi Dame

COLBY: NXT has typically done a fantastic job with the women’s division on a weekly basis, so it would have been a huge miss if a second women’s match wasn’t booked for Stand and Deliver. In the last few years, the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles were defended, however the division no longer has that to rely on.

Instead, we are seeing a culmination of a few storylines in one six-woman tag team clash, which has me pretty excited. Thus far, the heel trio of Jacy, Kiana, and Izzi have been standing tall over Thea, Fallon, and Kelani, so I would say it’s about time the babyfaces get their comeuppance. I’m hoping Thea scores the win here as she continues on toward a future title shot.

WINNERS: Thea, Fallon, Kelani

NICK: I think based on Fallon losing to Jacy this last week it is safely in the hands of the faces to come out looking strong here.

WINNERS: Thea, Fallon, Kelani

JOEY: Low stakes matches usually have the babyface team win for a feel good moment, so I’m expecting that to happen here. Pulling for Thea, Kelani and Fallon on this one.

WINNERS: Thea, Fallon, Kelani

ALGEO: The Good Girls Vs The Mean Girls? Classic! I see Thea, Kelani and Fallon taking the win here. Thea getting the pin here would be the revenge that she just so needed against Jacy and co.

WINNERS: Thea, Kelani and Fallon

DAVID: The babyface team deserves the win more. Aside from the fact I have been loving the whole Riley/Thea storyline (and hopefully get a resolution to it soon), Fallon has really been proving herself over the past year and should take the mantle as the next top babyface of the NXT women’s division. Kelani’s kinda the odd woman out here as she hasn’t had too many notable storylines this year, but she has been impressive in the ring over the last 10 months of her being on TV and should keep that up. I also just can’t see what Jacy, Kiana, and Izzi get out of winning the match.

WINNERS: Thea, Kelani, Fallon

NXT Women’s Championship

Lyra Valkyria (c) vs. Roxanne Perez

COLBY: I was admittedly skeptical about how a heel Roxanne run would go this early in her career, but I’m glad to say that I was wrong. I’ve enjoyed her promo and character work in the build up here, and it seems even Lyra may have to show some edge if she wants to keep ahold of her title. Factor in Tatum Paxley who has subtly faded to the background and I’m not 100% certain how this one will go. But since Roxanne’s first title reign didn’t have much substance, I’m hoping she can have a second chance here.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez

NICK: I am so torn with this. Roxanne’s whol change is screaming that she is going to win, but I also am kind of loving what Lyra has been presenting also in this feud. I am also thinking of moving forward from here is Lyra retains. What heels will likely have a chance at her? Kiana? Lash? Honestly, I want Kiana as champion so bad and she isn’t getting it if Roxanne is champion. So I have no choice…

WINNER: Lyra Valkyria

JOEY: While I’d have no issues with Lyra retaining (bc personally I’m a big fan) I can’t help but think with a new heel turn and attitude from Roxanne, we’re going to see a new NXT Women’s Champion crowned here. Roxanne is one of the most engaging in-ring performers in the division, so I’m looking forward to her receiving another shot to show us what she can do as champion and leading the division. Nattie is already waiting in the wings to put her over.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez

ALGEO: Lyra has been a great champion, defeating Becky is a feat all on its own. And she’s proven that she can handle many situations that she’s been thrown at, a true champion by all means. But 100%, Roxanne is taking it. This new attitude is so fresh, and she’s proven time and time again that she is “The Prodigy” of that ring. Her last reign felt so short-lived, and there’s so much potential for more high-stake matches.

WINNER: Roxanne

DAVID: While I don’t mind Lyra as champion, I think it would be far more interesting to see where Roxanne can go with her new heel attitude while holding the championship that she never truly lost.

WINNER: Roxanne

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