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NXT TakeOver WarGames: Who would be in a women’s WarGames match?

The time is right for the first women’s WarGames match.

NXT’s women’s division is on fire at the moment. It features some of the hottest talents around all vying for a shot at Shayna Baszler‘s NXT Women’s Championship.

NXT’s next TakeOver event is WarGames and it takes place on Nov. 23 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill. This will be the third installment of its kind under the WWE umbrella and the time has never been better to put on the first-ever all-female WarGames. Currently, there have been no matches announced for that event.

We have eight serious competitors with serious animosity between them, providing us with the perfect storm.

Baszler has run roughshod over the division for a serious amount of time now, a year on Oct. 28 to be exact. This is due partly because of the storyline and partly because there hasn’t been a serious contender since Kairi Sane. Bianca Belair was the most obvious choice but her opportunity came too quickly and failure to capture the title sent her to the back of the line.

It wasn’t until recently when Rhea Ripley appeared on NXT from the UK brand and walked right up to Shayna’s face marking herself as a legitimate threat to her title.

Let’s use that to set the tone on how this WarGames match would shape up, shall we?

The two clashed on the Sept. 11 edition of NXT, in which Baszler would win via disqualification after Duke and Shafir would interfere. This left Ripley and the Queen of Spades with unfinished business.

On Sept. 18 Candice LeRae would win a stellar fatal four-way to face Baszler for the championship on NXT’s live two-hour premiere on the USA Network the following week. After a courageous showing, LeRae ultimately fell to a rear-naked choke.

Credit: WWE

Io Shirai and LeRae have unresolved beef after Shirai turned on her when she was unsuccessful in her quest for the title. Shirai and Ripley would also get into a verbal confrontation over the chase for the title.

Baszler singled out, bullied, and destroyed Kai before she was injured, which leaves a sordid history between the two and a perfect tale of revenge for Kai.

Bianca Belair would defeat Dakota Kai and throw her name into the mix for the title and will face off against Ripley soon.

Credit: WWE

Returning hero, Tegan Nox was confronted by Baszler as she celebrated with Kai on the Oct. 16 edition of NXT. Nox also has a history with Ripley, as it was against her that she tore her ACL in the Mae Young Classic.

This mixture of feuds, friends, and enemies gives us a myriad of possibilities going into one of NXT’s biggest annual shows.

Allow me to fantasy book:

With Baszler, Shafir, and Duke as the clear heels, they continue to stir up things between the face team of Team Kick which includes Kai, Nox and LeRae. Baszler uses the title to get into their heads and affect their friendship. Ripley and Belair acting as “tweeners” looking out only for themselves have their upcoming match interrupted by Shirai who attacks Ripley.

LeRae comes out and attacks Io and we are left without a clear number one contender. Shayna boasts that infighting and ego have it has left the division without a serious challenger and she will reign as champion forever (or something like that).

Everyone who has a claim to the title comes out and hands get thrown. The fight gets out of control and William Regal does his angry headmaster routine and gloriously announces the only way to settle the score. WARGAMES!

Uneasy alliances are made up of Kai, Nox, LeRae, and Ripley vs. Baszler, Shirai, Belair, and either Duke or Shafir to face off inside the unforgiving structure of WarGames.

Book it. Book it now.

How do you want to see a first women’s WarGames match come into fruition? Would you want to see women in a WarGames match? Leave your comments below!!

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