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NXT UK number one contenders Gauntlet Match to take place next week – Promos aired

NXT UK is gearing up for a huge Gauntlet Match to take place next week. This match is to determine who will be Kay Lee Ray‘s next opponent for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Whoever faces KLR next has the opportunity to take down a history maker as the champion has held the title for over 600-days.

Last week it was announced that the participants would be as follows: Jinny, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, Isla Dawn, and Emilia McKenzie.

Promos for each woman were aired on this week’s show. You can view the one’s they have put up on Twitter so far below. They spent the time right on this week’s show to highly advertise this match.

Furthermore, for Luna, a video promo was aired which boosted her recent alliance with Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster. The stable is known as SUBCULTURE and the vignette can be seen below.

As for Brookside, she may not make it to the Gauntlet Match. She was shown being attacked by Amale who was furious that she was not part of this number one contender opportunity. For now, Brookside is still listed in the match, but that could very well change by next week.

Lastly, although she is not included in the upcoming Gauntlet Match, a promo video for Stevie Turner aired. In it, she states that she is four-dimensional whereas the rest of the UK women’s roster is only two. She also proclaims that she will defeat every member of the roster until she gets to the top.

Turner had her debut match at the beginning of April and lost to Aoife Valkyrie.

What did you think of the build-up for next week’s number one contender match? Who do you have winning? Leave your thoughts below.

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