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NXT Watch (February 22nd, 2012): The Rematch is Set as Kaitlyn & Maxine’s War Rages On

Salutations loyal NXT brethren. It is I, your friendly neighborhood recapper, Bobby, and I bring forth a few plentiful segments to look over this week. It’s a shame that gave no cares in the world to uploading this week’s episode and I didn’t even locate it until 14 hours after it’s time slot, but that’s another rant for another day. Tonight, we had a few backstage skits involving dueling Divas, Kaitlyn and Maxine, which sets up a big rematch between the two next week. Along the way, they encounter a few men, but that part can be kept a surprise, so let’s kick things off!

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Following a brilliant match between Tyler Reks and Tyson Kidd, we head backstage to see Derrick Bateman and his smushed face being gripped by the Queen of Mean, Maxine! She screams that she doesn’t understand why he keeps claiming she freaked out last week when she didn’t, as he questions if she saw the court-mandated therapist following her attack on Kaitlyn last week. She claims she has, which sparks Bateman to execute a few breathing exercises to help calm her. Maxine finally gives up and proclaims that she’s heading to see Matt Striker to get them off this godforsaken show! Maxine, I admire you and all, but no trashing NXT!

The Queen of Mean states that if Derrick’s too busy having fun with Kaitlyn and her two tone hair, he can go ahead! The vicious one storms off with the clank of her heels leaving the scene, as Derrick heads on with his voyage and says how he has fun on this show. Suddenly, he bumps into good buddy, Kaitlyn, as they exchange consensual high-fives. Kaitlyn questions how things went with Maxine, and Derrick informs her that it did not go as well as planned. He then runs down his list of goals: to go to SmackDown, win the Intercontinental Title, and hold it for 100 years!

Derrick depicts how people always say to “save the drama for your mama”, but that his mother was already here and it created more drama. (Agnes Bateman shoutout!) Sweet Meat wishes he and Maxine could have an easy, chill relationship like he has with Kaitlyn before the two stare at each other in a slightly romantic way… until they snap out of it with a “Naaahhhhh” and exchange consensual high fives once more. He proceeds to head off, and out comes that rotten scoundrel, Dirty Curty, who sings “Bateman and Kaitlyn up in a tree, C-H-E-A-T-I-N-G”. Kaitlyn chooses to ignore his accusations by complimenting the toothpick in his mouth, and as he questions if she’s being sincere, she lets him know that she was in fact lying, before punching him in the stomach and heading off!

Skip to 5:43 in same video. Backstage we go once again to see — of all things — Matt Striker singing as he strums along on his guitar. (Note from Melanie: Not a euphemism). Of all things I never thought I’d recap, that might be at the top of the list. Suddenly, Kaitlyn appears like the lovely treasure she is, and he refers to her as “pretty girl”. She asks for a rematch against Maxine next week after complimenting him on the way he handles running NXT. Out of nowhere comes the woman of the hour, as Maxine simply calls out, “Striker!” Instead of knocking like anyone else would. She turns her attention to Kaitlyn and asks if anyone has ever told her that she’s much more attractive with her mouth shut!

From there, Maxine goes back to Striker and discusses how she is tired of being on this show, claiming that she would like him to do his job and get her off. It would be much appreciated as she can’t handle being around Kaitlyn anymore. The two begin to get into a heated verbal debate with one another until Striker separates them and books their official rematch for next week. He also adds that in a reply to Maxine’s offers to get off the show, he’s sure she can persuade others using certain underhanded tactics, but he won’t fall for it. To finish, Matt says that respect goes a long way around here. Maxine claims that Reks and Hawkins were right, in that Striker is nothing but a joke. She exits by telling Kaitlyn to keep her mouth shut, as the two tone haired Diva apologizes and “consensual high fives” Striker before heading out.

Thoughts: Short segments, but as effective as usual. Seeing Kaitlyn punch Johnny Curtis in the stomach is probably the highlight of life as it was so randomly amazing. I’m excited for the Maxine/Kaitlyn rematch next week as I feel like something big is going to happen since it’s being hyped up instead of just taking place. Pretty interested to see what’s going to happen next week as it’s the one year anniversary of NXT Redemption’s debut. Oh, and consensual high fives are going to take over the world soon like fist pumping did for a few years. Mark my words!

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