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NXT Watch (March 7th, 2012): Tamina Shines in Victory, Maxine’s Tremendous Saga Rolls On

Hola everybody! Allow me to greet you, treat you, and complete you with another riveting edition of your NXT Watch. This week, the greatest show WWE produces… in my opinion (but we all know it’s true) brings forth some Diva action in the form of a fresh match-up between Maxine and Tamina Snuka. On top of that, we get a segment backstage that sets up an interesting bout for next week, and Maxine continues to tease her new boss, William Regal to open the show. I would proceed to add some more here, but we all know you just want to get to the nitty gritty of things, therefore I will wrap it up like a prolonged Emmy speech and start off tonight’s show!

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As William Regal runs down tonight’s line up, he is soon interrupted by the green stage lighting and upbeat club mix that can only mean it’s time for our Queen of Mean, Maxine! Maxine walks down the entrance ramp and steps into the ring, before grabbing hold of the microphone and letting “Mr. Regal” know that she is looking forward to working “underneath” him during his reign as GM. The crowd lets out an intrigued whistle, as William lets her know that he’s looking forward to seeing Maxine in action tonight against Tamina Snuka! The amazing theme of “TA-MI-NA” hits, and out comes our former No. 1 Contender for the Divas Title in all her glory.

She skips down the ramp and hops into the ring, as we get things started with the bell ringing. Maxine shoves Tamina, but to hardly any effect for the daughter of Jimmy Snuka. They lock eyes a bit, before Tamina in turn, shoves Maxine all the way back using her brute strength advantage! Maxine ducks a clothesline and locks in a nice crucifix like submission, before dropping down and turning it into a roll up for a two count. Both women get to two feet, as Maxine goes for a clothesline that Tamina reverses into a back kick. Wasting no time recuperating, Maxine grabs Snuka by the hair and throws her down to the mat!

Maxine tries to Irish whip Tamina, but Snuka reverses it. Maxine is sent off the ropes, to which she holds on and narrowly avoids a Tamina Snuka style leapfrog. She then turns her attention to William Regal, before reverting right back around into a double handed chop! Tamina then poses a bit, as Maxine rolls out of the ring. Snuka chases after her, but it proves to be a trap so that the Queen of Mean can take advantage with a kick. She slams Tamina down to the canvas, before lifting her into the corner and locking in a foot choke. Maxine proceeds to snapmare Tamina down and apply a chin lock, which sparks the crowd to get behind Snuka.

Tamina tries to fight out, but Maxine simply slams her back down. Maxine ascends to the second rope where she leaps off, going for a splash similar to Tamina’s own finish! Snuka rolls out of the way just in time though, as our Queen comes crashing into the ring canvas. From there, Snuka hoists her up and drills Maxine with a Samoan Drop! Tamina then exits the ring and begins to climb towards the top rope, as Maxine looks to be down for good. Tamina poses to the adorning fans, before leaping off with the Superfly Splash! She hooks the leg and gets the victory, as we again hear the most enchanting theme in all of the land that is known as NXT.

Backstage we go later on in the show, as Maxine approaches a lotion rubbing rotten scoundrel, Dirty Curty! She quickly instructs to him that she both hates and can’t stand him, but that Sweet Meat’s on the way so to play along. Maxine grabs Curtis and begins whispering sweet nothings in his nasty ear, when out of nowhere comes Derrick asking if he’s watching an NXT rerun. He demands to know where Kaitlyn is, questioning if Maxine slashed her tires or put a weapon in her carry on! Maxine lets him know that she’s sure Kaitlyn probably broke her back trying to bend him over (Oh my!)… before being cut off by Johnny. Let’s just assume Maxine was referring to a friendly game of leapfrog!~

Dirty Curty states that Maxine had nothing to do with Kaitlyn’s disappearance, claiming that he heard after she locked lips with Derrick that she came down with a case of gingivitis. Maxine simply shrugs off the odd insult, before letting Derrick know that she hopes his girlfriend comes back sooner than later since Mr. Regal set up a mixed tag for next week between the four of them! Dirty Curty slaps his arm around our Queen of Mean as the two head off, but once they are out of Derrick’s sight, she can be seen shoving him off into a trash can! Derrick then assumes that they’re now broken up, before being interrupted by Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in janitor get up!

Thoughts: A decent week for NXT in terms of the ladies, but like any good TV show, I believe that after a tremendous episode, you need a cooled back down to follow it up as you can’t have bombshell after bombshell unless you’re Showtime’s hit drama, Homeland! The match was okay, but I wasn’t really that into it to be honest. I know that Tamina is in the NXT intro video since she was on the show before turning face, but it was kind of weird to see someone go from pay per view to NXT without anything happening in between. I feel like she and Maxine meshed well in some parts, and then not as much in others but overall there was nothing that bad about it.

The backstage segments are why I love NXT, point blank. I do enjoy when they put on good matches, but the segments are always so fun because you get more into their characters than ever before. Dirty Curty now rubbing lotion on himself at all times is such a fun bonus to his creepy persona (that he seriously plays extremely well) and I like this new angle where Maxine isn’t fond of either guy. She’s pretty much been Mrs. Bateman or Mrs. Curtis since her return, and it’s fun to see her advance to where she doesn’t rely on either anymore since she’s making her own name on the show. Plus, she’s so not PG that even I’m shocked with what she says at times (and of course, that’s all the more reason why I enjoy watching her as much as I do).

I also want to add how I love that with NXT, if someone isn’t on a certain episode, they acknowledge their absence i.e. Kaitlyn. We’ve seen about what? Seven weeks without the Divas Champion on Raw this year with no rhyme or reason. It’s little things like that why I continue to worship this golden roped program.

Also, I’m incredibly excited for the mixed tag match next week since all four involved are four of the main reasons why I watch any form of wrestling whatsoever. It should be excellent!

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