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NXT Watch (November 28th, 2012): Emma Debuts Against a More Vicious Audrey Marie

Welcome one and all to this week’s NXT Watch. If, like me, you were counting the days until the first appearance of EmmaAudrey Marie, and while we don’t get to see the dance moves her profile talks about due to a lack of entrance, she hopes to take down the former FCW Divas Champion with a victory to make up for it. Will she? Won’t she? Let’s see!

The cowgirl theme of Audrey Marie hits, but she doesn’t look quite like a cowgirl anymore as it appears she is (finally) turned on the evil side! And, sigh, currently in the ring is Emma. And she does manage to bust a quick dance move, as Audrey flips into the ring and the bell sounds as we get underway. They lock up, as Audrey takes control with a side headlock, before Emma steps on her foot and sends her into the ropes. Audrey with a cartwheel into a dropkick for a one count, before Emma attempts a backslide that’s countered into a sit out bomb/leglock. Audrey taunts the Aussie born Diva, proceeding to spin around the ring and dizzy up her opponent.

Marie grabs Emma by the hair as the crowd gets behind her. She scores a jacknife for a one count, but Audrey flips out and goes for a backslide. Emma counters that and runs off the ropes with a crossbody for a two count. As both ladies get to two feet, Emma finally gets that backslide that I think has been attempted more times than I can count, but Audrey reverses it and lifts Emma up, before dropping her with a swinging side slam for the victory. Audrey looks evilly pleased, while blowing kisses to the crowd and taunting to bring this segment to an end.

Thoughts: Weellll, I will say that I liked that the match felt fresh, and of course that Emma was finally shown on NXT. I also am happy they let Audrey Marie be a heel because I feel she’s a billion times better in this role than as a babyface, kind of like how I feel about Eve. They can get stagnant when they’re face, but as a heel they become a completely different person out there and it’s fun to watch for me at least. The negatives though… I guess we can start with match time. It did feel really short and one sided compared to what we’re used to on NXT as of late, but even saying that, it was still longer than a lot of matches we’ve been given on TV before too.

I also have to add I wasn’t a fan of the introduction to Emma, meaning that people who don’t know of her prior to seeing this, still pretty much know nothing about her. She didn’t get an entrance, or a promo, and the only thing they really said about her was that she was inexperienced and green, which was odd. I guess they didn’t want to build her up when she was set to lose to Audrey, but at least give her something. Nonetheless, beggars can’t be choosers and I’m just glad that she finally got a spot on the TV show since she (along with Audrey) are two of my favorites on the developmental roster right now. If given a longer time to work with, I honestly think they could have a pretty awesome match together, so perhaps we can just consider this a small taste of what could happen in the future.

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