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NXT Watch (October 19th, 2011): Sticking up for a Friend in Need

Another Wednesday is upon us, and as I sit here writing this, NXT was just put up some four hours after it was supposed to be. But nonetheless, this week we got a bit of a mix up with the usual divas match, which is exactly what, at least, I wanted. While AJ and Maxine have not disappointed in their recent outings, it’s always good to have some variety in the NXT division. This week, Maxine took on AJ‘s best friend, and winner of NXT Season 3, Kaitlyn, in singles action.

Check out below to see how the two did!

We first head backstage where AJ can be seen reading a letter addressed to her when out of nowhere, best friend, and fellow Chick Busters, Kaitlyn, pops onto the screen. AJ informs Kaitlyn that the letter is from Hornswoggle, and he is bragging about leaving NXT for Smackdown. Kaitlyn snatches the letter from AJ as if it were a fake moustache on the NXT winner’s radar, and proclaims to AJ that this has Maxine written all over it. She has AJ sniff the letter, as she questions the scent. AJ agrees and claims that it smells like push up bras and bitterness! Kaitlyn asks AJ the number of victories she holds over Maxine, to which AJ replies two. Kaitlyn proclaims that that’s good enough, and that tonight she’s going to topple the evil queen of NXT. The two then head out to the ring, as we will soon return with the match at hand.

As we return to the ring following a commercial break, Maxine is standing in some great new blue gear, as Tony Chimel announces the following divas match. Just then, the somewhat perky theme of Kaitlyn hits! (Note: the reason I say somewhat, is because Kaitlyn stands next to the queen of perky themes, and thus can not compare in that department). Kaitlyn and AJ step onto the stage…and wait…WAIT…is that a MICROPHONE? I must be experiencing some sort of cold & flu hysteria as I do believe I see Kaitlyn with one in hand.

Just then, the music (and everyone who hit the dance floor with it) stops, as Kaitlyn lifts the precious, rarely given, microphone up to speak. She tells Maxine that she’s so tired of all the mind games she plays on AJ, and that she is going to remind everyone why Maxine lost NXT, and Kaitlyn won it…Bocha de la scado (sp?). Incase you’re wondering what that means, Jack Korpela to the rescue! He informs us that Kaitlyn insinuated that Maxine has fish lips, an insult made common by fellow NXT’ers, Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson.

With that, Kaitlyn slides into the ring and the bell sounds. The two lock up and Kaitlyn takes control with a waist lock. She slams the eloquent redhead down to the canvas and covers for a quick two count. Maxine ducks a clothesline attempt and hooks herself around Kaitlyn’s waist, but our bestowed winner of season three counters into a nice arm drag. Both women get up and Maxine takes control with a kick. She then locks herself around Kaitlyn’s head, but Kaitlyn uses her upper body strength to lift Maxine up like a parent would a newborn child…only (hopefully) unlike that scenario, Kaitlyn drops Maxine stomach first over the top rope.

She then proceeds to wiggle the ropes until Maxine falls to the canvas in pain. Kaitlyn steps over to her downed opponent, but Maxine uses her legs to drop toe hold Kaitlyn onto the ropes. From there, she heads to the outside and snaps Kaitlyn’s head off the ropes. Maxine then viciously pounds on Kaitlyn’s chest with some hits that would make anyone cringe from hearing them. She rolls Kaitlyn into the ring and hooks the leg for the close count, which then sparks Kaitlyn to the corner. Maxine charges forward, but Kaitlyn elbows her in the face.

Kaitlyn goes to bodyslam Maxine but she counters the attempt into a sick standing dragon sleeper submission hold. Kaitlyn tries to break it off, but she has no means of escape. She begins to fall, but eventually lands forward and grabs onto the ropes to break the hold. Maxine then slams Kaitlyn’s face into the canvas multiple times and hooks the leg for a two count. Kaitlyn takes control with some punches, but as she runs off the ropes, Maxine chops her in the stomach and tosses her backwards.

Maxine begins choking Kaitlyn on the ropes for a three count, before then applying a sleeper hold as AJ tries to get the crowd behind Kaitlyn. Our Season three victor gets to a vertical base, but the malicious Maxine slams her back down for another two count. She locks the hold back in to take the much stronger opponent down, but Kaitlyn once again shows her determination and lifts herself up with Maxine on her back. She backs Maxine into the corner and throws her overhead.

Kaitlyn then runs forward with a spinning elbow, as Maxine crawls into the corner. She charges forward with a clothesline to the face, before tossing Maxine over into the center of the ring. Kaitlyn takes control with an impactful squatting butt bump for a close count, but Maxine then capitalizes with some nasty chops to the chest. Kaitlyn proceeds to duck a clothesline attempt and grab Maxine into a Full Nelson. From there, she nails a sitting variation of the hold, and then locks in a leg lock around Maxine’s arms! Maxine tries to fight it off, but she eventually has no hope but to give in, allowing Kaitlyn to emerge victorious! AJ celebrates with her counterpart, as Maxine plots her next move at ringside.

Thoughts: Another NXT, another enjoyable show for the divas. Pretty impressed with how well Maxine and Kaitlyn meshed together, in particular, Maxine’s speedy dragon sleeper and Kaitlyn’s finisher. I’ve been asking to get Kaitlyn, Aksana, or Naomi on the show for some variety, and it definitely worked exactly the way I had hoped. I mean, Kaitlyn got a microphone…the Divas Champion hardly even gets one. NXT continues to provide some entertaining matches and segments, to which I hope continue on for weeks to come.

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