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NXT Watch: Who Knew Flowers Could Be So Deadly?

Been a long time since NXT has been seen around these parts, eh? Well, for those of you who have not been keeping up with the current never-ending season, let me catch you up on things: The season has been hosted by Matt Striker (per contract negotiations, I had to mention him in this post) and Raw Diva, Maryse. One of the pros is Hornswoggle… yes, you read that right, but I digress. Anyways, Hornswoggle had fallen head over heels for Maryse, but she wanted nothing to do with him. In recent weeks, he had become depressed, until he began receiving gifts from a secret admirer. The identity of this admirer was unknown, until last night when she made her grand return to NXT and made the rain fall for the leprechaun. Check it out below…

As we head backstage, Hornswoggle can be seen holding the stuffed animal he received last week from the admirer, but not only that, walking around eating from little piles of candy on the ground that lead him to a curtain. A heart shaped note can be seen attached with the words “Pucker up and close your eyes… and I will give you a big surprise.” Hornswoggle clearly follows said orders, and out pops NXT Season 3 contestant, as well as one half of the resident Chick Busters, AJ. She plants one on him, and out of nowhere pops Maryse.

Maryse teases the duo, stating that she’s happy Hornswoggle finally found someone his height (ouch). AJ sticks up for the little guy and defends his honor, criticizing how Maryse has treated him. This shocks the French poodle, as Natalya would say, and she compares AJ and Hornswoggle to a couple of trolls. This sparks AJ to hit Maryse over the head with her sunflowers in a way that sounded like Maryse had just been given a Stephanie McMahon slap to the face.

Maryse runs off, screaming how AJ is crazy and to never touch her again. This leaves the two lovebirds to stare at each other as AJ hands him the now partly broken petals.

Thoughts: Haha, this was a pretty cool segment that hopefully leads somewhere. I’m not the biggest Hornswoggle fan, but I kinda like the idea of he and AJ together because it would give her added screen time and NXT is the place where a lot of the underused talent are getting to show off what they can do lately. Maybe next week we’ll get a match between the two. Who knows? But with this season never winding down, I’m sure we’ll see something more to come from this.

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