Friday, September 29, 2023

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Nyla Rose discusses LGBT inclusion and her AEW status

Last night, recent AEW signee, Nyla Rose, participated in an “AMA” thread on Reddit with the Squared Circle community. She answered questions on a variety of subjects, including acting, experiences as a transgender wrestler and her inspirations.

Here are a few of the questions and her responses:

One fan asked if “AEW [will] play a huge step in bringing forward a more inclusive ‘wrestling world’ for the LGBT community?” Rose vouced that AEW “simply want to provide the best product possible and were proactive in reassuring the fans by issuing a statement of inclusiveness that AEW has the fans[‘s] best interest in mind.

… Now it goes without saying that you can’t control how people behave, but having a company aware of the social climate and making an effort to nullify and negativity is huge.”

When asked her stance regarding intergender wrestling, Rose said, “I think much like everything else in wrestling, it certainly has its place and it’s not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. If done/ used right, it can be utterly amazing but if just haphazardly thrown together… then it can be really meh. In a way, it’s kinda the “new” thing… it’s pretty exciting to see it gaining more traction.”

On the subject of if she is “exclusive” with AEW, Rose had this to say:

“Sorta sorta… as you may have heard AEW has a partnership with AAA in Mexico. So it’s possible I may pop up there and anyone else we partner up with.”

To read more of Nyla Rose’s answers to redditor’s questions, check out her original Reddit thread. Then when you’re done, let us know what you think in the comments.

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