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ODB Comments on State of Knockouts Division

Former Knockouts Champion, ODB posted the following on her Facebook page after seeing last night’s episode of Impact:

Just watched from my DVR the Knockouts match. Wow, WTF is happening to our division?

While it seems that ODB is commenting on the direction of the division under the current regime, I will let you make of that what you will. We have seen instances in the past when girls have seemingly spoken out but then ammended their statement to something more politically correct once it hits the newswire.

For what it is worth, if she is indeed [for now anyway] referring to what I think she is, then I say: “Good question, ODB.” The Knockouts division is a shadow of it’s former self at the moment and with each passing week it seems like they are trying to pull stunts with the Knockouts for ratings. Last week, the Lock Box Showdown debacle and then going into this week, they have been teasing a ‘Leather & Lace’ match, presumably to get horny old men to tune in, only to scrap that match on the show.

We have heard from a few different sources that there has been some unhappiness amongst the Knockouts of late, and now some have even posted the odd message on Twitter or Facebook — first Taylor Wilde, now ODB. This division was once the pinnacle of Impact and didn’t need any change, it was already a ratings draw, and now it’s just being moulded into the Divas division with a little more wrestling.

Thanks to Gavin Harvey for his help.

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