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One Bald Knockout, One Weak Champion

TNA’s car crash of a pay per view, Sacrifice aired last night and the real losers of the night were the TNA Knockouts. It’s no secret that we here at Diva Dirt have been overly vocal about the direction of TNA’s women’s division in the past month and rightly so. Last night’s pay per view saw Roxxi Laveaux get her head shaved in a “Makeover Battle Royal” and TNA Knockout Champion, Awesome Kong look weak in a Deuces Wild qualifying match. Needless to say, Sacrifice wasn’t the finest hour for the Knockouts. Let’s break this down:

The Match
To be really honest, the battle royal portion of the match was nothing to write home about. The action really kicked off when we got down to Gail Kim and Roxxi, these girls did some amazing (though cringeworthy) spots using the ladder. I really liked the element of Angelina Love being at ringside too and the factor that if Roxxi won the match, she would have her head shaved as Gail has immunity. Gail and Roxxi really put their bodies on the line and sold like hell, bravo to both of them, just fantastic. Gail wins a Knockout Championship opportunity this week on iMPACT!, I’m really hoping for her and Kong to pull out all the stops once again.

The Head-Shaving
Roxxi having her head shaved has got to be one of the most awkward moments to watch ever. Not to mention the bad acting from the girls at ringside: Traci Brooks, Salinas and ODB. Honestly, this was painful, car crash television but Roxxi is a trooper for going along with it. Making matters worse was that Roxxi had a bloody scalp due to the ladder match, likening this to something out of Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal. Really painful to watch. But again, TNA did a good job of selling Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Plight of Kong
TNA’s adventurous foray of having Awesome Kong wrestle men came to a screeching halt in all of two minutes, last night. Here I was thinking this was going to be the start of Kong now challenging the male wrestlers, being taken seriously as a competitor – it was not to be. The tag match between Kong and BG James taking on AJ Styles and Super Eric made Kong look really weak and actually, TNA was suggesting to Kong: “Even though you’re an amazing, world-class athlete… you’re a woman.” They went for the obvious with Styles not wanting to hit Kong and then having Kong look super weak to Super Eric, who picked her up and slammed her with ease. If you thought Kong could be the next Chyna, TNA quashed all chance of that happening. Way to go!

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