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OVW Spoilers: June 20th, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed tonight’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky. Check out the spoilers below:

* Heidi Lovelace approaches Taeler Hendrix and is upset that she was used as a human shield last week and thinks she is being used by Taeler. Taeler tells her otherwise and says she must just be stressed because she has a match with Lei’d Tapa tonight.

* Taeler Hendrix and Nikki St. John are seen laughing in the back, and Taeler says something about having Heidi wrapped around her finger. They leave the room and the Assassin is seen standing in the background.

* Heidi Lovelace vs. Lei’d Tapa – Heidi strikes and kicks Tapa, but Tapa takes her down with a big headbutt. She throws her hard in the corner and charges. Heidi moves and jumps on Tapa’s back. Tapa slings her down. She hits a slam, a big boot, and finishes Heidi off with the spinning diamond cutter for 3. WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

* Jessie Godderz is on the phone with his agent, who apparently tries to fire him, and Jessie yells in the phone that he’s fired. Eddie Diamond is talking to Bobbi Bardot, and asks if she has seen his phone. Epiphany walks up with his phone and asks why he has a picture of Lei’d Tapa on it. He explains that he was doing “research” if Epiphany should face her in the future. We then see Rob Terry being checked on, when Jay Bradley runs in and attacks Rob and his knee again.

* Post-show Dark Match: Taeler Hendrix & Nikki St. John vs. Hannah & Holly Blossom – Taeler stayed on the run to start the match, but attacked Hannah when her back was turned. Nikki came in and worked her over a bit and kept her from tagging Holly. Taeler came back in and locked in a sleeper, but Hannah broke free and tagged Holly. Holly hit a Lou Thesz press on Taeler and then hit a back elbow to Nikki. Hannah came back in and fought with Nikki to the outside. Holly flips over Taeler and tries to roll her up for a pin, but Taeler drops down on Holly’s shoulders and hooks her leg for 3. WINNERS: TAELER & NIKKI by pinfall. (Source)

The show (#722) can be seen at later today.

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