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OVW Spoilers: June 6th, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed tonight’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky. Check out the spoilers below:

Pre-show Dark Match: Taeler Hendrix vs. Jessie Belle – Taeler pulls Jessie down by her hair twice, then Jessie returns the favor. She locks in a side headlock, and Taeler shoves her off into the ropes. Jessie comes off with a shoulder tackle, and then places Taeler in a back submission. Nikki St. John runs out and distracts the ref, and Jessie drops Taeler. Taeler kicks Jessie’s knee and then places her in a submission, before reaching back with her leg and kicking Jessie in the head, and getting the 3. WINNER: TAELER by pinfall.

* Taeler is talking to Nikki St. John and again it was hard to hear, but she said something about Heidi being worthless. She sees Heidi approaching and starts fake crying, telling Heidi she is upset about SNS and what Trina has said about her. Heidi apologizes for what happened at SNS, but will challenge Trina again tonight. We then see VIP and J. Best talking and they hit the lights as they leave. A blue light shows the Assassin standing in the background.

* Heidi Lovelace vs. Trina – Trina shoves Heidi, and Heidi snaps and spears Trina. Heidi runs at Trina, but is caught and slammed. Trina delivers a samoan drop, but Taeler Hendrix & Nikki St. John run out and attack Trina. WINNER: TRINA by DQ. Taeler & Nikki deliver a pedigree-like maneuver to Trina and leave her laying in the ring.

Post-show Dark Match: Nikki St. John vs. Epiphany (w/Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger) – Epiphany shoves Nikki down and locks in a side headlock. She hits a shoulder tackle and locks her in a submission stretch. She walks across Nikki’s stomach and then delivers a big slam. She misses an elbow drop, and Nikki kicks her and tries to pin her for 1. She locks in a legscissors. Epiphany breaks out, and claws Nikki in the stomach. She throws her in the corner and runs in and splashes her. She hits some butt thrusts in the corner. She throws her in the opposite corner and charges, but Nikki moves. She kicks Epiphany and then runs in with a dropkick down low. She tries to pin for 2. She knees Epiphany in the face, but Epiphany grabs her leg and drops her. She picks her up and goes for a slam, but Taeler Hendrix runs out and grabs Epiphany’s legs, tripping her. Nikki falls on top of Epiphany as Taeler continues to hold Epiphany’s legs down for 3. WINNER: NIKKI by pinfall. (Source)

The show (#720) can be seen at later today.

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