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OVW Spoilers: September 26th, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling filmed today’s episode last night in Louisville, Kentucky.

The show (#736) can be seen at Spoilers below:

* Gilbert Corsey interviews the new Women’s Champion, Hannah Blossom. Hannah says she worked so hard and traveled so far and is happy to be the new champion. Gilbert asks about Holly. Hannah says it’s been hard. She is used to talking to her sister everyday, and hasn’t heard from her since last week. Holly comes to the ring and says she has had time to think about it, and she is happy for Hannah. They hug, but are interrupted by Lei’d Tapa. Tapa says she wants the title. Hannah is about to accept a challenge, but Holly takes the mic and says if Tapa wants her sister, she has to go through her first. Tapa says she will see Holly in her ring, her island, tonight.

* Shannon the Dude is backstage and says the next challenge in the Miss OVW contest is a hula-hoop challenge. Ray Lyn, Jessie Belle, & Lovely Lylah are all participating, as Lei’d Tapa yells she doesn’t hula-hoop and storms off. Check-ins will continue throughout the night as whoever lasts the longest wins the challenge.

* Jay Bradley walks by the hula-hoopers and tells Lylah she looks like a hot mess. Jay is shoved up against a locker by Marcus Anthony. Marcus says he can’t get physical with Jay until their match that was just signed for the October Saturday Night Special, but he’s about to go to the ring and show him what’s coming to him.

* The Mobile Homers are still trying to change their luck by playing scratch-off lottery tickets. Dylan Bostic distracts Jessie Belle by taking pictures of her with his phone, causing her to lose the hula-hooping. Holly Blossom argues with Hannah about the upcoming match with Lei’d Tapa, saying they are still a team and sisters, and they are in this together.

* The Marvelous Bodies are watching the hula-hoop contest when the Assassin comes in and takes out the Bodyguy. 4M runs off, bumping into Lylah and causing her to lose. Ray Lyn wins and is excited even though she gets pushed into the wall by Lei’d Tapa.

* Holly Blossom vs. Lei’d Tapa. Hannah was on commentary. Holly with some early strikes, but Tapa was too strong. Tapa could have finished Holly off after a big boot, but to make a point to Hannah at commentary, picked Holly back up and ended it with her spinning diamond cutter finisher for the 3. Winner: TAPA by pinfall.


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