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Paige comments on joke made by Triple H; He issues an apology

Just a couple of days ago Paige responded to a video of Triple H after he made a joke at the former two-time Divas Champion’s expense. Lately, there have been rumblings of both Edge and Paige returning to the ring. Both of these Superstars were forced to retire due to injuries in which both have said they could never wrestle again. The hopes of both lacing up a pair of boots are something many fans still wish for.

As far as Paige returning to competition, these tweets fueled the speculation. The career she is speaking on though of course doesn’t have to involve being in the ring again.

With the Royal Rumble right around the corner which is known for exciting returns, Triple H commented on both Edge and Paige. He stated that he would love to see them back in the ring, however, ultimately their health comes first and he would like to see them live long and healthy lives.

“Edge has kids. Paige, maybe, she probably has some she doesn’t know of” is the comment in question.

Paige responded originally via Twitter:

It was revealed on Total Divas in 2016 by Paige herself that she may not be able to have children. She also spoke openly about a miscarriage she had at a younger age. This discussion came about as she planned a baby shower for Rosa Mendes.

Paige would later respond more on what Triple H said in an interview with Sportskeeda. She was asked how she was feeling about this situation.

“Obviously I was a little bit perplexed, a little bit taken aback because he’s someone that I truly look up to and he’s always been very respectful. So I feel like he got caught up, maybe, in a joke that I just don’t think was appropriate to joke about. I don’t know, I feel like it’s something that I don’t need to continually keep talking about because I feel like people have done a pretty good job of that.”

She also says that she has spoken to him since and he has reached out to her.

Triple H has issued an apology just moments ago on Twitter and has confirmed also that he has reached out to her.

Paige has recently signed a new multi-year deal with WWE in November.

What are your thoughts on what took place? Leave your comments below.

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