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Paige reveals that a stalker came to her home

Former Divas Champion Paige revealed on her social media that she has encountered the scariest thing ever as a stalker approached her door. She shares the Twitter post of her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, who reportedly had him in a hold until authorities arrived.

According to Paige, she had been receiving “gifts” leading up to this before the man showed up at her door. Her post on Instagram reads as follows:

“A whole month of stuff being sent to our house. Flowers, gifts etc. until this fucker turned up. Thank god Ronnie is there to protect our house and family. He didn’t think twice about getting this mfer in a hold until cops came. Thanks to the cops that came so quickly.”

On Twitter she says:

“Scariest thing ever. He told us symbols led him to us. But Ronnie got him in a hold until police got there. Wtf is wrong with people…thank god Ronnie is around to protect our house. Jesus.”

Paige has also been in the news recently for opening up about her past relationship with former WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio. She appeared on GAW TV which is a YouTube show that features Mickie James, SoCal Val, and Lisa Marie Varon. On it, without saying Del Rio’s name, she described the abuse as being something regularly up to even daily. She brought up the fact that people victim blame as well.

“It’s like it’s up to 6, 7 hours a day you’re literally trapped in a certain room and getting your ass beat every couple of minutes, you know what I mean? And doing all of these crazy things to you.”

She adds in response to the fact that he is currently on criminal charges from allegations of abuse from a different ex-girlfriend by saying it is “karma.”

“Karma’s a real thing and you put out what you receive — and right now, he’s receiving it.”

According to TMZ Sports, Del Rio told them that it was the other way around between him and Paige.

“It was the other way around,” says Del Rio. “I have the evidence. Not just words.

TMZ Sports says that Del Rio told them that he is considering taking legal action against Paige for defamation. He provided the following comment to her:

“I would say, Raya, why? Why? Why are you doing this Raya? And, I’m not calling you Paige because you were never Paige to me, you were Raya.”

“Why would you hurt me in a moment like this?”

Credit to TMZ Sports for the transcriptions.

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