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Paige speaks on the Tag Team Titles not being used to their full potential

On WWE Backstage this week, the panel spoke after the replay of the Evolution pay-per-view on FS1. During the talk on the women’s division Renee Young, Paige, Ember Moon, and Beth Phoenix brought up the topic of the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Paige had some remarks on the lack of focus on the titles.

The idea of the women having a secondary title was a much needed one. We saw the first champions crowned at Elimination Chamber in 2019. With the plethora of talent in WWE across all brands makes it almost necessary to have more than just the top titles. However, the booking hasn’t been the best and both Paige and Ember Moon speak out.

“I feel like the tag team championship haven’t been utilized to their full potential, considering everyone that’s had them,” Paige said. “I feel like they’re not being defended. I don’t think they’ve been used right, they’ve kind of been thrown under the rug. They’re not being taken very seriously and I just feel like at some point they have to be taken seriously because this is such a big moment for the women’s division to have these tag team titles — instead of just having one championship.”

She continues, “Now we have a tag team division and we could utilize so many of the tag teams we have, even down in NXT or up in RAW and SmackDown. Bayley and Sasha — they’re good, they’re solid, we all love them, but let’s try and build some other people.”

Ember Moon had similar thoughts as well feeling that putting the belts back on Sasha Banks & Bayley may not be the best thing for a tag team division. She feels that them being champions takes away from their story.

Also during this episode, Beth Phoenix touched on Charlotte Flair saying that she wants a match between the two. Phoenix said she was flattered that Flair said she wants a match with her. She previously mentioned that a cage match is on her bucket list and she would want it to be the vintage blue style cage. Renee Young also through the idea out of an Ironman match.

What are your thoughts on Paige’s take of the Women’s Tag Team Titles? Would you like to see Beth Phoenix vs. Charlotte Flair in a match? If so, what type? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

All credit for transcriptions goes to Wrestling Inc

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