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BREAKING: Paige Stripped of NXT Women’s Championship

Paige‘s historic reign holding both the WWE Divas and NXT Women’s Championships has come to an end today as she was stripped of the NXT Women’s Championship. has published a video which sees NXT General Manager JBL make Paige relinquish the coveted championship.

Although Paige initially refuses to hand over the belt, JBL makes her see sense, explaining that because she’s defending the WWE Divas Title all around the world, it’s not fair on the rest of the NXT Divas who won’t get a chance to face her for the belt.

JBL also announced that there will be a tournament to determine Paige’s successor and the second-ever NXT Women’s Champion.

Paige became the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion on the July 24th episode of NXT, finishing her reign at 274 days as champion.

You can watch the video by clicking here.

Are you shocked to see Paige relinquish the NXT Women’s Championship?

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