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Paige Talks Wrestling Her First Match in Japan

Former Divas Champion Paige recently accomplished a very big first: wrestling a match in front of a Japanese audience. She spoke to about her experience on the WWE’s recent tour of Osaka and Toyko, Japan, giving fans an insider’s perspective on wrestling in the Land of the Rising Sun.

On finally making it to Japan, Paige said, “This is a huge deal for me. I’ve always wanted to be here, I’ve always wanted to visit here, I’ve always wanted to wrestle here, so I’m very excited.”

She compared Japanese audience to American fans, explaining, “They definitely liked to see some signature stuff that we have, they really appreciated our moves. They really are just happy to see us, so on our entrance they’re quite loud, then they’ll sit and they’ll watch, and whatever they see they’ll clap to. So it’s kind of different, instead of cheering they’ll clap. So they’re the most polite crowd ever. It’s so different from any other crowd, but they’re still awesome. So yeah, I’m really happy.”

Paige closed out her thoughts with a simple observation, sharing, “They love my submission.”

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