Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Perfect Fit: Reloaded

Ladies, I know you have a pair of jeans tucked away, that unlike all your other pairs of jeans are your comfort jeans. These jeans are the “perfect fit.” Well, Erin and I are looking for our perfect fit in a new blogger. While the saying may be that three’s a crowd, we hear the ménage à trois is all the rage! This position is very important to us as we’re looking for someone just right for Diva Dirt. So whether you be a “diva” yourself or a man with the magic touch… we want to hear from you.

Our perfect fit will take on a full-time position at Diva Dirt with us, as well as take home a quarterly wage of $50. If you think you’re the person we’ve been waiting for all our lives check out our specially designed page with all the details! Click here »

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