Sunday, March 3, 2024

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Picture of the Day: Bayley Shows Off “Schweet” Custom Wristband

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and WWE’s partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, it’s no surprise to see the Superstars and Divas taking part in the fight to find a cure for breast cancer.

Some may get their own t-shirts or hats, but what about for those who aren’t able to get WWE-sponsored merchandise just yet? Well never fear, because one certain NXT Diva has taken it upon herself to create her own special way to get involved. Who, you ask?

Why, it’s none other than that chick with the pogo stick, Bayley!

Bayley posted the above photo on Twitter, tweeting:

After seeing how great the finished product turned out, we totally want to hang out at Bayley’s house. In addition to making bracelets together, we could try on hairbands and jelly bracelets to our hearts’ content.

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