Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Picture of the Day: Natalya’s Not Playing Around

Night of Champions is almost upon us.

In just a few short nights, Natalya, as well as fellow Total Divas cast members Brie Bella and Naomi, get their big shot at AJ Lee‘s Divas Championship in a Fatal Four-Way match.

For Naomi, it’s a chance to break out into the spotlight. For Brie, it’s an opportunity to continue making waves as a singles competitor. But for Natalya, it’s the moment she’s been waiting her entire life for.

As shown in the above picture, Nattie is not wasting a second of possible prep time. As well as training inside the ring, she is sure to make certain that her strength is at its very peak come Sunday.

The Anvilette posted the snapshot on her Twitter account, tweeting:

We all know that each of the four women is a champion in their own right, but who is going to leave with the evidence to prove it?

Perhaps if you were to get Natalya’s answer, she’d love to bring up the oh-so familiar catchphrase: “If you mess with the best, you go down with the rest!”

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