Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Picture of the Day: Nikki Bella Gets Goatbombed

Nikki Bella spent Saturday night on the town with several of her closest girlfriends, but newly engaged sister Brie wasn’t along for the ride, probably on the road for the WWE’s weekend live events.

But wait, is that Brie we see behind Nikki’s head? And… Daniel Bryan? How rude of them to photobomb Nikki!

Okay, we couldn’t resist getting in a goat joke. But seriously, Brie needs to get that painted as a mural in her house. It’s majestic.

Nikki posted the above photo on Instagram, captioning it, “My Brizee @briannagc is in the background! Do Not Disturb at The Lodge!”

Nikki Mode: activated.

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