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Picture of the Day: Rosita Beats the Odds

It’s always been said “if you believe, you can achieve”, and perhaps one of the biggest examples to that statement can be found in former TNA Knockout Rosita.

Rosita, real name Thea Trinidad, posted the above photo collage on her Instagram account, highlighting a very serious and very frightening motorcycle accident in 2010 that left doctors telling her she should have died the same day.

Trinidad posted quite a touching caption for the picture, reading, “Some of these pictures I never released to the public but I feel like I should to show you all that no matter what traumatic event you may go thru in your life (and trust me, unfortunately I’ve been thru a lot and know people who have been thru worse situations than me) you can be strong and fight for your life and for your dreams. As a kid I knew I wanted to be a wrestler.. an entertainer! I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from accomplishing that. Not even my motorcycle accident in 2010. Every doctor I spoke to told me I should have been dead that day… But thanks to my guardian angels (and my rock hard helmet!) I survived. I’m a survivor and a fighter. Nothing has or will stop me from going for my dreams and it shouldn’t stop you either! #BelieveInYourself #TrustInGod”.

A picture certainly is worth a thousand words, and for Rosita, these very shots are a reminder that no matter what barriers lie before you, hard work and determination can defy all odds.

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