Monday, April 15, 2024

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Picture of the Day: Summer Rae Speaks at Her First ‘Be a Star’ Rally

Summer Rae has certainly shot up the ranks of the WWE in a quick span of time. First, she gets to the main roster. Second, she scores a spot as both a manager AND competitor in their new WWE 2K14 video game. And now, she participates in her first Be a Star anti-bullying campaign to help bring an end to bullying.

Summer joined former World Champion Sheamus and NXT Superstar Xavier Woods at Lake Nona Middle School in Orlando, Florida today. The trio presented to the middle school children, saying that they too were bullied in school and ended up successful regardless.

The above photo was posted on Summer’s Instagram account, ans she captioned it, “I had an amazing time at the @beaSTARalliance rally today! I was truly moved by the passion that the 6th graders showed at Lake Nona Middle School! What a fantastic first time experience for me. Thank you for having us!”

Truthfully, if we were still in middle school, we would definitely pay attention if Summer Rae stood before us. If someone that flawless (not to purposely steal a phrase from Lay-Cool) could be picked on, then it certainly proves that words are nothing more than a cheap tactic to get someone down.

In conclusion today, students, rise above the bullying and you too could end up being a Sheamus or Summer Rae in the future!

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