Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Picture(s) of the Day: A Very SHIMMERing Saturday

Yes, yes, before you bring it up, we caved and decided to go for another multi-Picture of the Day post. I guess the good thing about making the rules is you can also break them! This must be what a General Manager feels like.

As you all hopefully know, this weekend SHIMMER Women Athletes presents their filming of volumes 58 through 61, and what better way to celebrate than with a sampling of pictures from the days festivities? Let’s begin…

The first, seen above, comes to us from Sassy Stephie as she shows off her A+ tribute to Sensational Sherri in the form of cat-like makeup.

Stephie posted the photo on her Instagram account, captioning it, “Channeling my inner Sensational Sherri! Just not quite as sensational as she, but it’s very sassy! #sensationalsherri”.

Up next, we’ve got Mia Yim bringing forth a pose-filled picture of greatness alongside Hiroyo Matsumoto. Posting to her Instagram account, Yim included the description, “Team sexy with my old friend, @hiroyomatsumoto <3<3<3".

Following Mia, we head to JK Kennedy – formerly known as Jessie Kaye – who checks in with a selfie at the end of her Saturday showing. Through her Instagram account, she posts, “One day almost done. One to go.”

And finally, to round out the big day, we take it to Leva Bates for a quick semi-glimpse at one of her costumes. If you know Leva, you know she loves a good cosplay, and courtesy of her Twitpic account, we have the above shot with the caption, “Shimmer costume #2: Solid Snake! Cardboard box? It’s saved my skin more than a few times… #shimmer59”.

Phew… hopefully you guys don’t go into picture overload. Don’t they all make you wish you could hop on a plane and fly straight to Berwyn to be at the Eagles Club for tomorrow’s taping?

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