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PPV Predictions: TNA Sacrifice 2010

Will tonight be Tara‘s last stand? The veteran Knockout puts her career on the line against Madison Rayne all in a bid to become the Knockouts Champion. The stakes have never been higher for the Knockouts — it’s Title vs Career tonight. Who will win? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Cryssi: Out of all the TNA matches to predict this one is the most obvious. We all know that Tara is basically done with TNA, so tonight should be her final match. Madison Rayne is getting a huge rub here and she gets to be the person who’s remembered for ending Tara’s TNA career. This match could be done in several different ways but I hope outside interference is kept to a minimum. Madison deserves the clean, significant victory and Tara doesn’t need to get “screwed” on her way out. I wouldn’t be shocked if TNA tried to swerve us and have Tara win, and then lose the title the next night on Impact. Everything is a coin flip with TNA. Expect the unexpected. I still say Madison Rayne tonight, though.

David: I think TNA has a great Knockouts match on the PPV! More than likely Madison retains the championship because Tara is leaving the company. But I can see either girl winning the match, and in Tara’s case she would then vacate the title and leave on “her terms”. Vacated titles can be interesting as long as they don’t drop them into a lockbox. In the end I predict Madison Rayne keeps the belt, which I think is the best decision for the company because the three BPs are more interesting with all the titles. I just hope Tara looks strong in this match and leaves with honor.

Erin: I think we all know where this is headed, and unless certain comments by Tara were just a massive effort to swerve us, most fans are aware that Tara’s on her way out TNA. Thus, unfortunately, this match doesn’t hold a lot of suspense. We know that Madison Rayne will, in all likelihood, win this match, keep her title, and force Tara to retire. Still, it’s nice to see Tara getting a last hurrah. Like I said, Madison for the win.

Melanie: With Tara leaving TNA, logic dictates that Madison Rayne retains here and Tara’s TNA career comes to an end. However, this is TNA and logic hasn’t exactly been their strongest point in the past few months. I could totally see them swerving the fans and putting the belt on Tara, only to have a rematch on Thursday’s Impact or something — remember, Tara’s contract doesn’t expire until Friday so they could use her at the Impact tapings this coming week. However, as much as I love Tara, we have to think of the future of the division and for that reason it should be Madison that wins here and we draw a line underneath it and the division picks itself back up post-Tara beginning next week on Impact. I’d just like to see Tara have that sweet moment to say goodbye to her fans after the match like she got in her last match with WWE. She deserves it and it could make for an emotional goodbye — hopefully with some ‘Thank you, Tara’ chants. As for the match, I hope and predict Madison Rayne picks up the win.

Steven: I don’t think it’s necessary to spend too much time predicting this one. With all the talk of Tara leaving the company soon, it’s fairly clear that TNA is using this match to tie up all loose ends neatly (which is unusual for TNA). I see Madison Rayne pulling out the (much needed) win this Sunday at Sacrifice.

Tiffany: Well, it’s quite obvious what the outcome of this bout will be. As predictable as this match will be, hopefully we can look forward to an impressive showing for Tara in her last TNA match, as Madison Rayne retains the Knockouts title.

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