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PPV Predictions: WWE Extreme Rules 2010

The Women’s Championship is on the line between Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool in the first ever Extreme Makeover Match. Who will walk away with the gold? The Diva Dirt team weigh in:

Cryssi: Now a lot of people are going to assume that this match is going to be all about Beth Phoenix winning the Women’s Championship once again. Now, I wouldn’t mind seeing that, but I don’t feel like things are so cut and dry. We have a wildcard stipulation that no one really knows anything about and we have two beautiful, strong women who can go hard and get the job done. The outcome of this is really 50/50 and whatever happens, happens. The logical choice would be to go with Beth. She’s the top face on SmackDown and c’mon. Who doesn’t love her? This weeks draft could shake up the rosters and Beth could end up a slew of heels on SmackDown to feud with. If she wins, it would open up so many options that I would be interested in watching. On the other side, Michelle could keep the championship and then switch brands. She’s been Miss SmackDown for so long I’d love to see her go to Raw and test the waters over there. She would have no allies and a championship that everyone would want (I say this bc I go on the assumption the titles will switch brands like last year, fyi). I would love to watch Michelle squirm on Raw and try to make friends. I would even welcome a face transition for her. This is one match I honestly don’t care who wins because both women are equally deserving to be Women’s Champion and both bring something special and unique to the belt. My head says Beth. My heart says Michelle. So I’m going to go with my head and say that Layla and Vickie inadvertently cost Michelle the match on Sunday, giving Beth another well deserved title reign.

David: I have no idea what an “Extreme Makeover” match is. All I know is last time I used those words my wife was picking out new tile for the bathrooms. I am thrilled Beth is on the show Sunday night but do I really want her to win the Women’s Title because she stuffed Michelle into a tuxedo and top hat? I guess I have to pick Beth Phoenix, I just hope there is some actual wrestling in the ring and not just eyeliner, feather boas, and lipstick.

Erin: Michelle always seems to get the last laugh in her title feuds, but this one may end a little differently. If our Draft predictions are right and Michelle gets drafted to Raw, Beth Phoenix will most certainly be winning the Women’s Championship in this match. It’s about time she get some revenge on Michelle and Layla for their shenanigans, and this, if it’s anything like the “Piggie James” storyline, will give Beth the opportunity to take the title for that revenge. It’s time someone else than Michelle held the title for an extended period too, and I don’t know if there’s any Diva I’d rather hold it than Beth. It’s her time to shine, and turning the tables on Laycool in a fittingly humiliating fashion will be the key to that.

Melanie: With all the momentum behind Beth, this just has to be her night. She has just been built up so, so much over the past few months that I think this is the big pay-off of her babyface turn. The crowd is really getting behind her and she’s proved to be an exciting opponent for Michelle McCool. I say Beth Phoenix becomes the new Women’s Champion on SmackDown, Michelle moves to Raw and David wets himself with excitement in the front row.

Steven: The “Extreme Makeover” stipulation of this match really doesn’t give much insight into what type of match this will be, so it’s tough to say who’ll have the advantage. However, if this was a normal singles match, I’d put my money on Beth Phoenix. She has built up so much momentum over the last few weeks and being on the receiving end of Laycool’s teasing has transformed her into a convincing babyface. Not to mention with the Draft coming up Monday, this a perfect way to trade Michelle to Raw without switching the belts between brands.

Leave your predictions in the comments.

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