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PPV Predictions: WWE Fatal 4-Way

Four Divas, each with a 25% chance of winning, will battle tonight for the Divas Championship. Who will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weigh in:

Cryssi: Believe it or not, I’ve spent all day pondering this very decision. Something tells me that this match could end up getting a nice chunk of time and with that in mind, we have many possible scenarios. My heart is telling me to pick Maryse to win, and honestly she’s the one I want. Maryse is a star when she has the title and she deserves a great reign to make up for her hellish second one. Eve as champion was a nice experiment for the WWE but one that has been a total epic fail. She will probably end up retaining and to be honest, that sucks. She’s generic champion at best, and I’m just not feeling it. Let’s watch her chase the title for awhile. And when I say chase, I mean really chase. No defeating the champ and then winning the title in the next match. She needs to build her character and make people give a damn about her. As far as the other two women in the match go, call me crazy but Gail Kim as champion doesn’t appeal to me either. She did nothing for me as Women’s Champion or Knockouts Champion, and I highly doubt I’ll care if she’s Divas Champion. Gail Kim has no personality and even though it’s not entirely her fault, she shouldn’t win the title. Soooo that leaves Alicia Fox. Does she deserve the title? Well, she deserves it about as much as the rest of them. So who do I pick? Alicia Fox via a pin on Gail Kim. That way golden girl Eve looks good. Maryse looks good. Gail Kim gains more sympathy and fans get angry. And we finally have a champ with a personality who isn’t Maryse and the WWE can hopefully build the division into something other than a joke.

David: I’m excited because this is the third WWE PPV in a row to feature a good Divas match. Seems like a step in the right direction for the division. Normally I don’t like Fatal 4-Way matches because it is too easy for the champion to lose the title, but I am happy to see Alicia and Gail included here because their feud has been a bright spot on Monday nights. I would love to see Gail win the Divas Title because I think she is the best worker, but I think Maryse is going to steal the title. The other 3 girls will do the heavy lifting but ultimately Maryse will score a cheap pin and get the glory.

Erin: I (cynically) expect that Gail and Alicia’s inclusion in this match wasn’t to give them a real shot at the Divas Championship, but more to fill out the fatal four-way stipulation and perhaps reward them for their recent performance by giving them a match on the big PPV stage. I also expect the WWE to still be on an Eve kick and use this match to try and get her more over with the fans, battling back against a possible Maryse and Alicia doubleteam and overall just playing the underdog card for all it’s worth. Add to that the fact that Maryse hasn’t had any real momentum that would indicate the WWE wanting to put the belt back on her, and I’m compelled to go with my gut instinct and say that Eve is retaining her title.

Melanie: As much as I would love to see Alicia or Gail pick up the belt, like Erin, I don’t think their inclusion in this match was to push them for the belt. To me, it’s still very much a two Diva affair: it’s going to be Eve or Maryse. I know Alicia has been in WWE’s good books of late after that awesome segment with Zack Ryder & Ashton Kutcher, so she could be a dark horse but I really think it’s between Eve and Maryse. My gut says Eve retains.

Steven: When it comes to championship matches, a fatal four way match is one of the most unpredictable routes to go. With the champion only having a 25% chance of retention, a fatal four way is the perfect way to shake up the division. That said, WWE doesn’t put that much thought into the Divas division sadly. As much as I would love to see Alicia Fox or Gail Kim pull out the win, especially after some of the great matches they’ve had recently, I expect WWE’s current golden girl, Eve to retain tonight. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see her feud with Maryse dragged out until the next PPV.

Leave your predictions in the comments.

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