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Prelude: Divas Feel Backlash

Given the fact that this Divas match was booked on the fly six days before the pay per view, WWE did a pretty good job selling it in a spectacular 5 minute segment this past week on RAW. Able to condense their storylines from all three brands into one match, gives the Divas some meaning as they get to do battle on pay per view. This match offers the Divas of SmackDown! and ECW a pay per view payday and underutilised Divas like Jillian, a shot too.

But in reality, with 12 Divas in the ring this one is going to be a clusterfuck and could either get really bad, real quick or by limiting the number of Divas who compete, could actually be a good tag team match. However that method of booking would defeat the purpose of a 12-Diva tag match anyway. Even so, I think it wise to limit the number of Divas active in the match, leaving the less experienced ones – Ashley, Layla, Kelly, Maria – out of the match as much as possible. Sure, all the girls can have a little spot during the inevitable “rush” at the end of the match… but for the most part it’s best to leave it to the pros.

It’s a shame that the Divas who can actually wrestle are on the same team, except Mickie, because this could’ve been an opportunity to see some of our Diva dream matches. Had they been on opposing teams; wouldn’t it be cool to see some action between Beth and Victoria, or Beth and Natalya? Having said that, one Diva – Michelle McCool – stands a trial to see if she can really be a “top Diva”, if WWE booked with logic they’d have her face off with Beth, Melina and Jillian.

As for the finish, I think Beth should come off strong in this match, going over one of the “inferior” ones, like Maria maybe. After all, given her guarantee that she will take back the Women’s Championship, it would be odd not to have her look dominant, picking apart the opposing team. I say it’s best to limit exchanges between Beth and Mickie for now.

Overall, it could be a good match that enhances storylines for all three brands. Or it could be a botchfest with the wrong combination of Divas in the ring. But at the end of the day, this match was built around the Women’s Championship with the Divas taking sides between Mickie and Beth Phoenix. At the end of the day, it should be those two Divas and the Women’s Championship that are given the limelight. Any good writer worth their salt, would be able to do that and at the same time, develop background plots (i.e. the rise of Michelle).

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