Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Torrie’s Wrestling Career “Finished For Now”

Speaking to Chinese television during her trip over there, Torrie Wilson confirmed what many a fan has been dreading – telling audiences her career is “finished for now.” The veteran Diva is however, renegotiating her contract with WWE to become an official spokesperson for the company which will see her take part in autograph signings, promotional events among other things. In the interview, Torrie said WWE plans to team her up with the recently retired Hall of Famer, Ric Flair! A fantastic partnership in my eyes, Ric and Torrie are good friends and legends in their own right:

WWE Diva Torrie Wilson did an interview on Chinese television this week. She said her back is hurting, and is doing therapy every day but the doctor tells her not to wrestle again. She said WWE has been supportive like family and have told her not worry about her job, just get better. Wilson said her wrestling career is finished for now. She is negotiating a new contract to become a spokesperson for WWE, she said like Ric Flair. WWE wants to put them together for promotions and oversee trips and autograph signings. She said she loves China and can’t wait to come back.

While I’m sad and devestated to see the end of Torrie’s in-ring career, at least we can take solace in the fact she will still be in the limelight and still with the WWE. It’s great to see WWE has taken such good care of her, given their treatment of Divas in the past few years – Torrie is definitely up there with the likes of Trish, Lita, Sable and Sunny in terms of legendary Divas in WWE. And with her being on good terms with the company, there could be a future Hall of Fame slot for the Diva (possibly after they’ve inducted Trish and Lita). So as Torrie transitions from SmackDown! Diva to Alumni… what are your thoughts? Sad to see her go? Glad to see she’s in good hands?

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